Advice about not getting 3.5 hours.

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    I work the local sort in a small center and usually start at 6 pm on mondays and 6:15 on t-f. I usually get out of there sometime between 9 and 11 pm. i usually get 3.5 but sometimes less than that. the least has been 2.75 hours. most days i get somewhere around 3.5 hours. therefore i'm only averageing about 15-17 hours a week.

    they just changed our start time from 6:15 to 6:30 everyday, and said they are going to start coming around and ask people random questions from the audit test(things like 8 keys to l/l, 5 steps to prevent slips and falls, hurricane procedures, etc.) and if we get them wrong, we get sent home.

    i havent complained because i am at the bottom of the seniority list because i was hired RIGHT before they stopped hiring. our shift doesn't have that high of a turnover rate. i'm worried that if i complain and start getting more hours and everyone else starts doing that, they will have to do layoffs and i'll be the first to go. also, i'm considering going into management because i'm just working at ups for a paycheck and their tuition assistance until i get my degree in 3 years.

    so should i complain to the steward and demand my 3.5? will that get me laid off? will that ruin my chances for p/t supe? thanks for the advice.
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    They CANNOT force you home for getting a buzzword wrong.

    If you're going to be a sup, you'll end up using the same tactics AGAINST your employees. Good luck with that.
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    If you are worried about getting laid off, then I would say just keep doing what you have been doing and take the 15-17/week. Do not let them send you home over the DOK. Also, as far as DOK goes if you don't know them I would suggest taking the few minutes at home and memorizing them, and then you don't have to worry about it anymore. I memorized them a couple years ago and it is nice to just tell the sups what they want to hear and then not be hastled about it.

    You have several factors that you listed as far as if you should complain about the 3.5 or not, so it is hard to offer good advice on it and you should probably just go with your gut feeling on it. Like I said, I would just keep what I have, but my situation is that I don't care about the money and I try to work the fewest hours possible and build on my seniority date while minimizing wear and tear on my body. It may be completely different for you, so you have come up with the best decision for yourself.
  4. In our center the DOK questions are reviewed during the PCM with the preload and local sort. These are questions you need to know the answers to not only for an audit but for your own safety. Why would you get sent home for not knowing the answers? Sounds like intimidation to me.
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    From the NMA:
    Memorandum of Understanding
    Teamster United Parcel Service Negotiating Committee (Union) and United Parcel Service Inc. agree that it was their mutual intent that if a part-time employee completes his assigned duties and leaves work in less than three-and-one-half hours he shall be considered to have forfeited the right to his daily three-and-one-half hour guarantee. This shall not effect an employee’s right to a minimum three (3) hour daily guarantee.

    Yes, it could get you laid off. and yes it could ill effect your chances of going into management. To me the bottom line here is as UPSnewbie said "
    If you're going to be a sup, you'll end up using the same tactics AGAINST your employees. Good luck with that"
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    You're paying union dues for a reason. Talk to a steward and explain your situation. You have rights that are protected. I see it all the time now that I'm working in the hub. Alot of these part timers don't know what is or isn't allowed and the management eats it up. The money the Teamsters takes out of your check every week is for a reason. Take the time to learn what your rights are.
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    wow there only guaranteed 3 hours a shift??????
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    We have some part timers who have no other choice but to take a taxi to and from ($5 each way minimum) so that's 1 hour's pay. Now with the benefits delayed for 1 year, this PT gig just may not be worth it, especially considering how hard they work for what little they are paid. I often joke about telling people here to apply at McDonald's but, if I were 18 and looking for a PT job, I would apply at Mickey D's first.
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    i know some start as low as $8.50...thats just crazy i wouldnt do it
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    Do not get sent home.

    Here is the deal; if you are told to go home, you are to get 3. 5 hours pay. No matter what.


    Management MUST show you the OR when you ask them, so if you do this every day, they will stop shorting your pay if they were before and also you have the peace of mind knowing you are getting paid 3.5 at least.

    (2) when they come around on DOK questions and you do not answer properly ( if thats the case), tell your sup you want THEM to get a steward when they try to send you home. if they decline, punch out and GO GET A SHOP STEWARD and explain the situation. You were sent home before 3.5 against your will.

    At that point, you can file a grievance for the remaining time. It will absolutely be addressed as it is a legit grievance, you will be paid - and then some, most likely, and that practice will stop.

    The reason the sups are doing this, as others mentioned, is because THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT as part-timers generally don't know their :censored2: from their elbow when it comes to contract.

    WORK AS DIRECTED. Punch out when told to. Look at the ORs . If you are NOT getting 3.5, grieve it, period. Never volunteer to go home, you're just alllowing supervisors to lie cheat and steal their false numbers.
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    I said this a year ago, and you ripped me a new personal solid waste disposal orifice.
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    I don't know how it works in your sort, but here they ask you if you want to go home and if you say you wish to get your 3.5 hours than they just pass you by until you get the 3.5 Simply ask for it when you are told you can go home and there won't be any fuss. In my hub most part-timers just want to go home, and few if any ask for the guarantee. Most just go home when they are told they can leave.
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    The same happens at our center as mentioned by brett. In my time in preload, I have yet heard anyone ask for their 3.5 guarantee. Every time the ask someone if they want to go, they always choose to go.
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    That was back when you were BBAG.
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    Yep. And then the part time supes finish the work they should have had the part timer stay to do.:biting: