Advice needed - a driver in "training" and alot of frustration


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We went out slammed years ago also , there were less rtes , we were micromanaged also , but right ,,, not like today !!
Back then you'd be followed , they'd be in a car, or hiding behind a tree or in a building !
One guy made us take all send agains up to his office , he'd ck the service cross , grab a phone book and call the first five people in the s/a 's to see if they received a delivery notice !
Yes ,, we were harrassed as well !

True but I lost count of how many times I took my lunch off area to watch one of my kids' sporting events and how those lunches would sometimes run a bit long.


60 minute lunch
Honestly he's about to throw in the towel. For $18.75 and hour and these hours plus all the other issues

Thanks for any insight/advice.

I wouldn't put up with managements bull crap for 18.75 an hr either.... execpt i make almost twice that, so ya i can deal with it tell your hubby to wait in line and do the time.