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Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by hypo hanna, Jun 16, 2013.

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    We have all noticed the dramatic increase in write ups for the most minor of infractions. I cant see the increase in discipline as anything more then mgmt's building a case to fire us or drive us to quit. All the sweet talk about OLCCs being nothing more then a "friendly counseling" is baloney. They are building their case should your firing end up in court. My advice, Do not sign any OLCC until it has been edited to include your version of events. In particular if you know of a similar case where the person was not disciplined.
    You don't have to be rude, just calmly tell your manager you won't sign off unless it reflects the entire set of circumstances. Once it has been edited to your satisfaction, sign off, have your manager print you a hard copy and keep it in a file at home.
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    Good Post Hanna
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    Hey Hanna didn't you get fired some time ago?
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    ​I don't remember being fired.
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    I had an OLCC reversed when they tried to give me one for not pulling Intl commercial invoices. I simply wrote a rebuttal saying the customer was really late getting his shipment to us (17 pc bulk) that had to leave that day. It was a P1 and the shuttle was about to leave. I stated did you want to make the customer happy by seeing this shipment went out or lose this customer to a competitor when I should have left it behind?

    The next day I was informed to sign off on an OLCC in Prism over not pulling the required copys. The SM read what had happened and made a notation in Prism that the OLCC was not warranted. So you see if they see you have events that prevented you from doing the right thing they can and should be challenged right away.
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    A great example! They were perfectly happy with what you did when you did it because it made the customer happy. They still want to write you up after the fact for no other reason then to hang a lot of paper in your file. They are not really interested in firing you right away but when they do fire you they want all the ammunition they can get for the lawyers to use.
    By making them edit the OLCC, you are throwing water on their gunpowder.
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    Good on you for fighting it. Documentation remains your #1 friend in the process because it's incumbent upon you to prove them wrong.