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    At CACH, when an air package (lets say going to Hawaii) goes Next Day or 2nd Day Air gets loaded off the trailer at 2:00 o'clock in the morning, and then it goes to an outbound to be loaded does it have to sit in the hub till morning when the air driver takes it to the airport or does air driving go on 24 hours around the clock to the airport so no air packages are delayed?
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    In the Syracuse area, we have two attempts to get air to the airport. The pm air driver leaves by 7:30pm(est), to meet the plane before it has to leave for Louisville. Unless the feeder driver can make the pull time., then he makes the run.

    The am driver goes down at 3:30am(est). The plane for Louisville leaves at about 9am(est). We have two planes come in from Louisville every day(am and pm). One that comes from Albany(am).

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