Air Shuttle Pay?


What is your part time pay rate? What does your boss or the local union say about it? Are you a part timer doing extra work or an full time air combination?


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I don't currently work in any air shuttle position. I am asking for the others in my center. They are covering full-time air shuttle positions, some are in part-time air shuttle positions that were bid on, and some do the air shuttles on saturday. Our contract lists air shuttle as a job classification with top rate at $28.35. They have been paying part-timers air delivery rate, which is a lower rate, when they perform shuttle work. I don't think this is correct. They have been screwing with the pay for these part-timers from the beginning. Not paying overtime when do and various other instances where they are applying language incorrectly.

Our business agent does not fight to enforce the language. He settles on the companies side often even when the language is clear.


If the employee grieves and loses that is really it. Unless he can find something else in the contract to support his position. I really don't know what the guys doing that here get. The company is very well versed in how to pay the lowest rate and if your business agent backs it then they get away with it. My experience is the company will try to pay the lowest rate unless you complain and they still try to get away with it.


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write down your Hrs worked when you doing other works. Get on their asses everyday, call them everyday until they pay you right.


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I keep track of my hours and will be happy to call and make in person visits when they mess my check (s) up. After a while they get sick of you and get your check (s) you can just leave them alone.