Airborne-DHL merger poll

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by feederdryver, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. feederdryver

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    How about a poll for the DHL- Airborne merger.

    Will it happen?
    Yes or No
  2. traveler

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    Did anyone notice the shenanigans going on today? [​IMG] I'm not sure if it was luck or instinct but I sure hit the nail on the head with my comments on the poll!!! [​IMG]

    Those DHL folks are quite tricky ones and if the buyout passes the [​IMG] test UPS (and FedEx) will have some very unfair competition coming soon. [​IMG]
  3. mota

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    "unfair competition" - you mean like the kind of unfair competition that TNT, DHL got in the 90's when Fedex, UPS used the excessive profits from their effective monopolies on ground (UPS) & air (Fedex) US domestic shipping to expand into international shipping?

    or do you mean the sort of unfair competition like when a US company can operate in other countries without restriction, but equivalant companies from those countries aren't allowed to operate within the US?
  4. feederdryver

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    Hey Mota.... Shutta your moutta !!

    Do you see our US Post Service invading Germany's territory??
  5. traveler

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    I guess neither feederdryver nor I saw any US GOVERENMENT subsidies for UPS to operate in other countries! DHL is owned and usfairly subsidized by the German government (the EU even says so!).
  6. mota

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    EU never said that DHL is subsidized by the German Government. You're getting confused with some ruling on domestic mail within Germany concerning events from before the German Post office had control of DHL.
  7. feederdryver

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    Who cares about the EU anyways...just a bunch of American wannabes...

    Just took them longer to get there.
  8. traveler

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    I had my facts a bit jumbled, it was the European Commission. Here's a quote from a recent article on DHL/Airborne:

    "UPS and FedEx say Deutsche Post plays fast and loose with the law, pointing to a settlement it made with the European Commission after it had been found to have illegally subsidized DHL Worldwide Express in Europe in the early 1990s to undercut the competition."
  9. feederdryver

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    LOL... did I say "American wannabes" ????

    I meant "wannabe Americans"

    ah well, I'm sure everyone understood
  10. mota

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    Traveller: Deutsche Post owned 0% of DHL until mid-1998 when they bought about 25%. They upped that to 51% in 2001, then to 75% in 2002 and at the end of 2002 to 100%. Your news sources are seriously unreliable if they really say that Deutsche Post was subsidizing DHL in the early nineties. Why would they want to do that when they had no involvement with DHL then?

    Feeder: Theres too much bad feeling between USA and Europe right now and it really does go both ways - not many Wannabe Americans in Europe. Anti-US feelings in Europe are worrying and need to be sorted out, as do anti-EU feelings in the USA. French wine does taste nice, and so does that Paul Masson stuff!
  11. longups

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    Mota Aloo it's not anti-EU feelings. I think we mostly love the British, Italians, Spanish, and Pols. it's just anti French feelings right now. (Oh, and a dash of anti German too.)
    Besides, Caymus tastes much better then Lafite!
  12. traveler

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    I do agree the New York Times has had a few problems with accuracy lately but there is no ax to grind here that I can see.
  13. mota

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    Traveler: Yes that article is where the quote about subsidization in the early 90s was from. I meant that it would have been crazy for Deutsche Post to subsidize DHL then because DHL was a competitor until 98. I dont think the writer had any ax to grind - just they got their facts wrong.

    Loads of facts about D.Post first buying into DHL in 1998 can easily be gotten from searching the net cos it is a fact. Google news is where I got it all.

    Anyway, Mota's gonna leave this debate now as theres not much to add. Just wanted to throw a comment or two from a different viewpoint into this great discussion forum.

    All the best..