Aircraft maintnenance layoffs

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    Gateway/ Reason for layoff/ Members affected
    CAE 3 flts canx. 4 FT AMT, 1PT AMT TDY decrease to 5
    JAX 2 flts canx, 757 wknd work 2 FT AMT
    IAD Equip. Chg. (DC-8 to 757) 1 FT AMT
    MCO 1 flt canx, 1 757 wknd work No layoff, re-bid station
    ATL 3 flts canx, 757, A300 wknd work 3 FT AMT, re-bid station
    TYS Equip. Chg. (DC-8 to 757) 1 FT AMT
    PIE 1 flt canx, 1 757 wknd work 1 FT AMT or Rebid station with 1 relief
    LCK 1 flt canx, wknd work Equip. Chg. 2 FT AMT, re-bid station
    BFI 1 flt canx. 1 FT AMT
    MEM 1 flt canx, canx long layover 1 FT AMT, re-bid station
    DFW 6 flts canx, wknd work 5 FT AMT, 2 UT, re-bid TDY decrease to 6
    DEC Gateway closing 1FT AMT
    LAN 1 flt canx, wknd work 3 FT AMT, re-bid station
    IAH 1 flt canx, wknd work 2 FT AMT or 1 relief AMT
    MKE Equip Chg. (DC-8 to A300) 1 FT AMT, re-bid station
    DTW Equip Chg. (DC-8 to 757) 1 FT AMT, re-bid station
    CID Canx layover, Equip Chg (A300) 1 FT AMT, re-bid station
    OAK 1 flt canx, wknd work 1 FT AMT, 1 PT AMT, re-bid station
    TUS Gateway closing 2 FT AMT
    DSM 3 flts canx, wknd work 3 FT AMT, rebid station
    OMA 4 flts canx, Equip Chg. 1 PT AMT, re-bid station
    CLE Equip Chg. No layoff, re-bid station
    RFD 3 flts canx, wknd work 2 FT AMT
    SDF MD-11 Phase Chk reduction 12 FT AMT
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    My brother in-law works for UPs in the air-division just 20 minutes away from my building. He has seen an signifigant drop in the air service. Makes sense to me as people are trimming their budgets. Instead of paying the premium to send by air, I think people are choosing the cheaper ground options.

    Last Tuesday, I sent a small package to my brother (yes, I used UPS). I admit that I am not as frugal as I should be and have always sent things to him and others NDA. Like the typical american, I am for quick satisfaction. However, this time I sent it ground. I am sure we will see the air's take more of a hit this coming year. The bright side is some of those, would have been, airs will still be shipped. Just thru ground. Doesn't help the air division, but will keep some work for the ground.

    It will be a tough 09.
  3. Big Brown PA Girl

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    How about the PHL air hub? Heard anything about layoffs at that hub?
  4. kingOFchester

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    No, I have not. But I do know they are seeing a decline there in the air's. That was pre peak. Haven't heard anything post Peak.
  5. Monkey Butt

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    Nothing "inside information" about this...the analysts all mention that UPS and FedEx are suffering because customers are using less expensive (Ground) services than they were before. Our Air operations would logically be impacted more than our Ground operations.
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    The work to keep these mechanics on the payroll is there and always has been.
    The Company routinely operates our aircraft with numerous maintenance deferrals. Deferrals are delayed maintenance work on discrepancies that aren't supposed to jeopardize the safe operation of the aircraft and allows for the dispatch of the aircraft when problems exist. Operational changes can certainly affect how many airplanes are on the ground at any given time at any given gateway. But rather than have a maintenance goal of "Zero Deferrals" and have our mechanics work deferred maintenance items, keeping the work in place in the existing gateways, the Company insists on laying off and shuffling people. The Company's continual attempts to justify "farming out" maintenance work overseas to foreign vendors and repair stations and to permanently eliminate the jobs of American workers here at home, kind of flies in the face of their argument that we have too many mechanics. Wonder if the fact that we've been in contract negotiations for almost 3 years and are just now making some progress towards an agreement has any bearing on UPS's decision to make these changes at this time? I also wonder what we'll have to "trade" to get those jobs back. Just so you know... Aircraft require continual maintenance even when they AREN'T flying.
  7. ups767mech

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    No mechanics from PHL as far as I know
  8. I'mTheMan

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    Can anyone find out what route is going to be cancelled on:

    BFI 1 flt canx. 1 FT AMT

    Since I am used to be from BFI but would like to know which route would be canceled? I'm thinking BFI-RFD-BFI route on B757? Maybe that's not a profitable volume routes? I know BFI-SDF and BFI-ONT are the strongest ones with hot volumes and cargo that has to be reaches it's destinations?
  9. kingOFchester

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    Didn't realize that I had implied that it was "inside information"! Also was unaware that the only information that should be posted at BC is "inside information".
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    BFI-ANC is getting cancelled.
  11. I'mTheMan

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    Well, a friend of mine told me that non of it's any flight getting axed just yet but we do have BFI-ANC every tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday on MD-11 flight every week but not Monday and Friday. However, they may cancelled for short time but will re-run again in May thru September for Cherries run to ANC then ferried it over to variety of Japan areas.
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    I'm lost guys...:crazy2:....all these acronyms....How bout posting in laymans terms.. I would just like to say, hope you keep your jobs, and keep the skies safe...
  13. ups767mech

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    BFI = Boeing field, Washington
    ANC = Anchorage, Alaska
    AMT = Aircraft Maintenance Tech
    FLT = Flight

    If you have any other questions ill be glad to clear them up for you.
  14. UPAXED

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    Hoaxter....the only "inside information" is what UPS wants to keep quiet because they should be ashamed of their actions. Fedex is going through the same economic times and they are giving their vendor work and subcontracted work to their employees at the gateways instead of layoff slips. Is this the way to "trim the fat"? How bout you start by stop dumping a million or two into that stupid turd race car. Or throwing $50,000 bonus checks to incompetent gateway managers. How about the forced overtime and the forced TDY's that you make the mechanics perform, and there is all that contracted work. But no, you have decided to turn alot of aircraft mechanics from "company guys" into "union guys".
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    Looks like I've been a busy little booger!
  16. Monkey Butt

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    You didn't..I was being careful to point out to the Corporate monitors that this was not "inside information" or even from UPSers so they wouldn't be hassling me. :sick:
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    Wow, so quick witted.
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    C'mon Hoak don't be gun shy,post away.
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