Almost two years later Mike Pence says Trump endangered him and his family

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The election was not questionable. Except by a few QAnon crazies.
Oh yes, you’re right. Donald trump had more people vote for him in his second term then any president in history, has boat parades of 3000 or more boats, has a rolling economy, record unemployment levels for every race in the country, and did all this while pulling away from the globalist policies, has an opponent who can’t draw more then 500 people to an event the whole time he campaigned, and he still loses. Lol, yeah right. Believe that and I’ll tell you that covid came naturally from a Chinese wet market which happens to be right beside a building that studies corona viruses, that has the word corona virus right on it!!

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You don't appear to think at all.
A loose cannon spouting out your pie hole.
He did raise his hand and swear to uphold the constitution. He did what he swore he would do.
You're talking like a baby Robin. All mouth and the rest ass.
Haha, you’re funny. I haven’t laughed like that for…. Quite some time. Again, where in the constitution does it say to certify an election that wasn’t securely run? Again if everything was legit, then why were conservative poll watchers not allowed to watch the polling places? Just answer the damn question! And stop trying to be funny. That’s all you do, never to provide any answers.


Doesn’t play well with others…
So conservative poll watchers weren’t denied access to the polling places? Do you mean the same crazies who have been saying all along that covid 19 came from the bio lab in wuhan that actually has the name of the disease on the building! You idiot! But hey, dr Fauci and cnn said it came from a pangolin and a bat, so damn it, that’s where it came from. Right? Just go sit in your moms basement and stop participating. You’re not helping anything.
The guy is 65. Lol