Always know that clearance height!!!

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    I feel bad for guy... I know that back in the days when I was a cover driver I drove the old, new(lol), and everything in between. The difference in height was substantial. We even had an old 1200, I think, that you needed a ladder to climb into and it had the worst airbrake setup. I hated that vehicle.
    Anyways, yes, know your vehicle height.
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    "The tractor was marked as being 13 feet, 6 inches tall, while the viaduct features a sign showing it is 11 feet, 4 inches tall."

    he wasnt even close...

    we have alot of bridges that simply arent marked or are marked incorrectly....theres bridges u can get under that are marked 12 foot 8
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    I don't think any of you are really being fair. Guy's trying to deliver a bridge and ya'll are giving him a hard time.
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    And a fine job delivering that bridge, he did. :happy-very:
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    We have a bridge like that. We had a driver take half his roof off on it and smoosh all his packages. Weird thing is, apparently you can see the bridge from miles away and people seem to do this usually once every few years.
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    Two Men and a Truck are now known as Two Men and a Shorter Truck:happy-very:

    Two Men, a Truck and a Bridge
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    Pesident Obama. Is also very good at building bridges.
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    was the word smoosh really in the police report? :dissapointed:
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    maybe some where on the p/c either in the cab or on the body ups should put how high it is.
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    The height of the vehicle is posted in the cab of my pkg car. 10' 6".
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    NY State seems to have a their own yardstick for measuring bridges. I've been told it's the from the hub up or something like that, but you can go right under a bridge marked 13' with a 13'6" trailer. The route to Foster Ave in Brooklyn has two subway bridges you go under marked this way.
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    Is that why we used to use the 394xxx trailers (12'6") for NY? We used to have to hold them just for NY. Doesn't seem that we have to anymore.
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    Funny they are called "x" boxes, (like "z" box and some pups are "w") anyway they are usually used to go through the Lincoln Tunnel. I think there's some tunnels by Baltimore with the same restrictions. The clearance restriction in the tunnel is 13" (I've heard a regular trailer will make it but will suck the tiles off the ceiling). The 43 st hub is just a few blocks from the tunnel so a lot of trailers go back and forth from NJ through there. The route for a 13'6" trailer is over the George Washington Bridge, which is about 178st so that's @130 blocks either down Manhattan or there is a way where you go over through the Bronx and cut back across town. But.........sometimes that's what the give you to take there. I've taken doubles there and back. Fun, fun, fun.
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    A clinic on area has a steel canopy covering the entrance, sidewalk, and driveway. I can't make underneath w/ FedEx and DHL always could in a van. They always drive 30mph. up to the entrance and slam on the brakes. Security always warns them to slow down because of patients. In fact I picked up 95% of all business in the bldg. because of the way I drive. One day I'm in the the back looking for a misload. I hear Freddy's finest speeding up the drive. I look out and see he's driving a van cab w/box cargo area. I start hurdling boxes and get out of the pc yelling and waving at him to stop. Too late. He crashes into the canopy ripping off the top of the truck and tearing the canopy off the front of the bldg. breaking out all the glass windows and entrance doors. He thought he was still driving a van. $56,000.00 later he was unemployed.
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    How bout the temp who went through the Dunkin Donuts drive thru down in ProRi ,,, I heard with a Feeder!!!!! Don't think she was on the ''call back list'' :funny::funny:
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    Cove, remember that 24 footer out back a few years ago? Package guy took it under a low bridge, looked like a can opener took the top off.
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    LOL we have an air driver that has had a few scrapes with inanimate objects. He took our air van through a Starbucks drive-thru. He came out the other side with a nice scrape down the length of the van from one of the concrete poles.
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    I thought we were talking about clearance heights, not my ex-wife.:wink2: