Am I supposed to have an option week? (southern)

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    Hi. I was employed as a part timer in October of 2015 as a seasonal. Seniority date was February 10th of 2016. According to southern contract (both old and new), I am entitled to an option week after being employed 3 full calendar years. 2016 is year 1, 2017 is year 2, and 2018 should have been the 3rd year. But I see nothing in the time off viewer or on pay stubs. Full timer and several supervisors say I'm wrong and that I should get it on the 4th year. Shop steward says I'm correct and if it doesn pop up by April I should file a grievance. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Don’t you get an option week after 1 year?
  3. Rack em

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    In our region we get an option week on the third anniversary with the company.

    Have your supervisor do an inquiry because you should have gotten it unless your local rider sucks and you guys don't get an optional week.
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    Isn't seasonal just fresh meat to be used, abused, and then discarded?
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    What state are you in ?

    I don't see any provision for an option week in the southern supplement.
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    Nope, not down here.
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  7. twilightboy

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    Florida. It's under Article 60.