Am I unrealistic? Package handler age 41 and badly out of shape?

I need your advice before I decide to apply. I worked as an unloader in Chicago area Hodgkins back in 2009 for two months before quitting. It wasn’t the physicality that I couldn’t handle — it was the pay. I’m not worried about that anymore, just whether I am too old and too fat now.

I’ve got the desire to tough it out but I was older than most ten years ago. Now I suspect I’m like a grandpa. And a fat one at that. I remember working with a really fat older guy who had a reputation for pissing himself. However he was no slouch unloading.
You a felon?
Nope. I was once pretty well off selling mortgages to brokers for a bank before getting laid off. Since then I got an ever larger gap on my resume which makes you virtually unhirable for banking. I’ve done a variety of crappy jobs ever since. I even had to deliver pizzas sometimes in the worst areas of Chicago. I quit because it was just too dangerous and I had to pay too much for gas. I came close to getting back on track in 2015 as a insurance premium auditor for workman’s comp but the training was atrocious.

My interview is in a few hours. I’d appreciate any prayers for my fat ass because Lord knows I’m going to need them if I do get rehired!


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Approach it as if it is your work out. If you cant do it...apply for PT Supervisor after a week.l. Most of them dont know what they are doing.

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I am 47 and I do evening Local Sort and help out Pre Load a few times a week annnnd do Saturday Air Delivery?Air Shuttle, as a Utility Driver. I wasn't in great shape, but I had to apply a few times to get HR to understand that I was serious.
The first week was brutal, but it got better. I been doing it for almost a year and a half. REason why: The health benefits, Benefits, BENEFITS!! I worked 19 years in the real estate industry and don't want to lose it all because of health issues at this stage in the game. I am still self-employed, and health insurance was osting $756 per month with horrible coverage. Now, I can work out, slimmed down 6 pant sizes and feel really great with a paycheck!!! What's not to add up here. BTW, I am one of the quickest, most efficient workers on my shift. This old man got a lot of game left in him. Yes, Sir.