Amazon and their new delivery service

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by upsers1001, Jan 1, 2019.

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    I know.

    Not really.
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    They have survived because of some stellar employees. I recently noticed that the stock tanked when I accepted a transfer to porters.
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    You just gotta be better than Amazon.

    Amazon probably would have won this game had they done this 5 or 10 years ago. Their prices were good and their service was outstanding.

    Now ordering off of Amazon is a crapshoot. Half they time you don't know you're ordering from some goofball from Indonesia and then the shipping never gets there on time. So they offer 'guaranteed' shipping. Big woop.

    Amazon now equals everyone else as far as ordering online. They have some EXTRA services but that does not make for better prices.
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    Is the search function broken. Is this topic really past page 1??? WTH
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    Amazon delivers their own packages?!?!?!?!?!
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    All this time I figured UPS was going down the drain because I retired
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    It's a combination, kind of like a one-two punch. Your left lead followed by my right cross might just put them on the mat.
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  12. It will be a
    It will be a while before it hits the bigger structure of ups. Right now they're looking for suckers to operate their own "shipping business" in major metropolis areas. They don't have enough volume to deliver outside of those parameters in the hinterlands.

    I suspect if all goes well in recruiting these suckers it will begin cutting into the # of ups routes in major population areas in a few years.

    If everything is rolling perfectly for them I bet a nationwide rollout is 15-20 years out.

    Ups will play the Amazon delivery rollout card in the contract years to cut benefits & or freeze wages.
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    What the heck does this mean?
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    That's the best answer I received all day, thank you so much
  15. Probably the bigger question is not about Amazon taking boxes but another "shipper' entering the fray paying $15-20.

    How will ups justify paying $40 with massive benefits when Amazon & X paying 15-20 with little to no benefits. Post office around 25-30 with ok benefits.

    We deliver much more volume @ present but if we begin to slide around even with others they can't justify the pay.

    That's when things will get interesting.
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    Because I do 3x's the work of any of the 4 Barneys I see on my route. Never once seen a fedex truck even 1/2 full. USPS trucks are so small they couldn't fit my 5K shelf in them. Amazon delivery will last right up until about the 3rd high profile crash that wipes out a family of 4 and they'll do exactly what Office Depot did.....send it all back to us.
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    Complacency is your worst enemy.
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    We can survive without Amazon. We discount large shippers like that so much sometimes I think they are more trouble than they are worth. The problem I see is if they expand enough and start delivering other company's stuff and take that revenue from us. There is no way we can compete with a higher labor rate. The advantage we have over FedEx is that they run three different delivery divisions to do what we do with one truck. If they ran Express, Ground, and Home out of the same truck using contractors that would put the hurt on UPS.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    Ground and Home are now combined. Express will never be run by contractors but I can see a future where Ground and Express combine into an all employee workforce.
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    They won't be able too.