I have said many times that it doesn't make sense for Amazon to deliver their own packages and it seems they are starting to understand the same thing.

Amazon Axes Delivery Partners in U.S.; Hundreds of Jobs Cut
I seen one of those Amazon contractors on my route today. The van looks like it was brand new except it was missing part of the rear bumper and the sides was all dinged and dented.

I'm sure all unreported accidents...
That your pizza sucks
What about my soup?


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I'd like to know exactly how much they spend per package using their own services vs. using UPS, from soup to nuts. I bet it costs them more than they admit to do it themselves.
If it doesnt yet, it will eventually. Once they start getting those faux package cars, their supply chain and logistics is gonna blow up. It's a shame more mechanics are not unionized, id love to see them struggle to keep their :censored2:boxes on the road


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Where my daughter is in the Dallas area they have same day delivery. Apparently you pick your time slot you want it delivered - up until 10:00 p.m. Last night we had an Amazon delivery at 9:45 and the driver was cheerful as hell. ( probably higher than a kite too).