An "uh-oh" moment......

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    In years past we would hit 79-81 thousand on christmas week. We are now pushing in 105-110 thousand a day and it wasn't even december yet. Well the problem we are currently having is a major mess. The flow level, at least on our line is way past outrageous, can barely stack anything out yet alone attempt to load much.

    They had 10,500 boxes LEFT yesterday. Which had to be loaded back into the trailers. I ended up doing that, (on a side note anyone who loads trailers should make more money, that's one tough job). Anyway, today that number almost doubled to 17 thousand boxes left in the building. The problem is, we are running out of vehicles and drivers to drive them. My driver was fuming and said, in his PCM meeting they told each driver is required to do more work, and that budget cuts were in effect.

    On TOP of all that, AIR was running late... Just how much AIR was "running late"? 3 Full Trailers full of it. You couldn't possibly shuttle all that out by 10:20. Not to mention the 10 trailers they park in the parking lot.

    Needless to say the temper level is way up there. Monday's start time is a record first 12:01 Am, lots of laughter to take the stress off, and work the best you can/the safest you can. Thanks for letting me vent that out, I feel so much better now.
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    An "uh-oh" moment......

    Damn I'm glad I'm in a small center!
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    Who cares. Not my problem. Give me my work and ill do my best. Everything else is for our incompetent management team to deal with.
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    Sounds like management failed to expect the expected. The hourlies have been expecting this to happen since last December 26.
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    "What do you mean people are going to have 'cyber Monday' packages shipped to them?????? I thought that meant they would order and pick the stuff up themselves."

    It amazes me that anyone listens to UPS for economic forecasts based on package volume.
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    Pretty much.
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    To much work is defiantly a problem I love to have.
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    I left the building at 10am today. I takes 25 minutes to get to my route. How many NDA stops could I get off before 1030am? And it's still November!!!!! This peak will be a total disaster. Thank god I have a van route!!!! No more retail for me!!! I got back to the building on Thursday at 720pm and I was the 2nd truck back. LOL
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    Are you the Officer or NCO at UPS?[​IMG]
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    I get paid by the hour!!!!
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    Hoaxster, our 20+ year management veteran would call that an "OPTIMAL" decision by UPS management.


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    I am glad I defended you when others said you were too stupid and self-centered to understand the concept of "optimal".
    I feel vindicated now for believing in you.

    Good job TOS!

    I believe in you.
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