And you thought the media was truthful

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    As matt lauer said the guys must have been holy.

    I'm sick of these called reporters.

    Talk about staging a news event

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    This is actually interesting. I trained drivers as an on car supervisor in that part of Wayne, NJ and also pulled a load or two (++++) in that area. Every time it rains heavily that part of the area floods. When it is a really heavy rain, much of the area is uninhabitable. I once went as far as "up to the gear shift" in a P-600, pulled up to the front stairs of a home and jumped to the landing to deliver a package. (Didn't even get a "thank you" from the recipient.)

    That flooding takes place most every year and to me, even in Florida now, it's not news at all. I still wonder how and why people still live there and continue to build.
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    Is that by any chance by a restaurant called Sam's Shack? It's been twenty + years since I lived in Wayne, but it sounds like they still haven't figured out that when you live in a low lying area near a waterway, it's going to flood at some point in time.
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    It was 35 years ago and, well, I guess my memory is failing :-(

    Sorry, but I don't remember.
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    CNN is the cable news equivalent of citing a Wikipedia article.
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    If there was a thread titled just "MEDIA" .....there'd be no reason for necroposting.

    Two people in particular are always narrowing a title so much that no one else's post ever belongs under their dramatic titles. Be simple, people!!
    One of my pet peeves.
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