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    I had the unfortunate luck of hitting a dog this past week. You all know the one that chases the car but this one slipped on the ice and met the axle and the Goodyears. Of course the owner was heart broken but she wasn't mad at me. She said they had moved to the country and the dog was 14 years old and had been always been tied up till last year and it was their fault. I have hit many other animals including deer, turkeys, pheasant, and woodchucks over the years but this was the first pet. Does anyone know how many animal incidents occur every week in a typical district?
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    i do my best to take out at least 1 dog per week. i figure by the time i retire it will be a lot safer for whoever takes over my route.
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    I hit a Canada geese last year. I like to speed up as their walking across the road to scare them. This one didn't get out of the way! They're big birds, too. Made my P10 really rock going over it...
  4. Mass law:
    All birds are protected by federal laws under the "Migratory Bird Act of 1918," as well as by Massachusetts state laws. It is illegal to destroy, relocate or possess birds, their nests or their eggs. The only exceptions are non-native species: House Sparrow, European Starling, and Pigeon. Trained and licensed wildlife rehabilitators, who have passed a federal and/or state-administered test, are permitted to care for injured or orphaned wildlife.
    Canada Geese may only be hunted during hunting season with a license in specified areas. Many towns do prohibit hunting them and the state law does not allow hunting within 500 feet of a building except with permission. Contact the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife for regulations.

    So you were a teacher that had an affair with a student and an intentional bird killer as well. One fine piece of work. Heaven help us. Rep rating of 5, soon to be 6, judging by the company here.

    Anyone else feel good about killing animals? It's seal clubbing time up north, gotta make a living providing furs for the elitists. When does whale season open? Think of the cosmetics you could make from even a baby whale.

    Sick farks.
  5. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member you are for keeping birds alive when bird flu comes here? Not me.

    All those laws of protection for migratory birds will go right out the window if we are threatened with that bird flu thing.
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    Humans spread HIV, AIDS as well as numerous other STD's but no one seems to want to do anything about that.
    The animals don't know any better and can't effect their environment so....who should we exterminate?

    PS: Tyrone-I agree completely.
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    Actually, Susie, I felt really bad about it. (The goose, not the affair).

    I do hate Canada geese. Ever watch them? They do two things very well. Eat and defecate. And they do it a lot!

    Polluting our lakes and ponds with their almost constant defecation.
  8. You're right, as always, moreluck. How could I be so short-sighted. Kill all the more bird flu. Kill all the mosquitoes, no more malaria or dengue. While you're at it, kill all the beef cattle(cows), no more mad cow. Kill all the pigs, no more swine flu. Fish have mercury in them, they'll kill themselves, unless we eat them first, then we'll die. Great, we're all vegans then. I can live with that, unless my veggies come from Mexico, or are grown and picked in less than sanitary conditions( like S.California)...I may get an e coli infection and die. Geesh...

    Kill the dirty birds, kill every one you see. You are a true patriot.

    Living in fear is the new American way, congrats, you've arrived!
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    I didn't say "kill all the birds" I said the laws won't protect them if humans are threatened.........

    Grow Up!!
  10. No, you said "who's for keeping birds alive when the bird flu arrives, not me."

    What does that mean?
  11. moreluck

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    TS hell if I know, maybe I had one too many white wines.
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    I would hate to hit a pet, that would be the worst feeling, but they are pets and humans are responsible for them, so if they are in harms way, whos fault is that? Not yours.
    I would hate to hit a deer, but my kids both have with my cars, and the damage is unbelievable, but usually better to hit them than swerve and roll your vehicle.
    I agree about the geese, we have hundreds maybe a thousand on our small lake, now I can tell you I do not want to go to the beach and lay in geese crap. So they have a few weekends of hunting, to thin them out. Since we want to build and expand everywhere we chase the animals into our environment, it used to be theirs, not now, so what is the humane way to get rid of them? I dont know, I dont want to lose them, so I just dont expand into their territory. I didnt build where they were, I just took a place already there.
    Maybe we should prohibit people from building.Make them move to inner city homes that are falling down, no more prime property building, leave that to emminent domain, Im sure they will make a space for the critters.
    I dont want to kill anything but when my husband hit a pheasant, and it took out my 300$ grille, we ate it for dinner.
    Isnt that what the creatures were put here for?
    There are so many things to argue, I think some people just look for reasons to argue.
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    Tyrone,the seal hunters have been doing this a long time.They really dont have any other way to make a living.Lots of them are also cod fishermen,and seals (the big grown up ones)like cod too.Its a thin balance between the survival of all parties involved.
    I suggest the elitists could all come up here and club thier own seal pups.
    And just pay the fee like a trout farm.Hell they can cut down a christmas tree to take home as well.
    As far as canada geese go,we have way too many.Too bad they cant make coats out of them.In my area I have to constantly fight with the little buggers and try to evade the goose poop.I wish some errant blue jay or seagull would give them the bird flu.
    And whats with the bird laws?Who cares? what WAS your point Tyrone?
  14. Load Stand

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    On everage in our district, maybe twice a month....dogs not so often as deer...
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    Its terrible to hit animals, especially when it is a pet that belongs to someone. I have run over about a dozen dogs in about twenty-two years driving a Package Car, felt bad everytime. But we have Leash Laws down here, which means your dog shouldn't be running down the street chasing vehicles. I keep my dog in the house or fenced-in backyard, I care about him. I've never understood why dogs chased cars, what are they thinking they would do with one if they caught one? There is certainly no future in chasing cars.

    I did have a White-tail deer jump in the road and bounce off the side of my P500 once. She got up and ran off. I agree with most of you about the Canadian Geese though, thousands of them and they crap all over the place.
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    I guess you could substitute canada geese with superviser....
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    Does anyone remember the late 1970's when our government announced the dreaded "swine flu" epidemic?
    People went out and stood in line like mindless sheep to get some chemical pumped into them and, by the way, it's real hard to get it out once it's injected in you.
    After a significant number of people became ill and/or died from the "swine flu" shot, our government said, to the effect, that there was no such thing as "swine flu". I recall this vividly.
    Here we are, many years later and the "bird flu" scare. If you are worried about catching it: 1) don't eat any fowl 2) stay away from where birds congregate.
    I don't get any vaccinations simply because they don't have a clue what they are pumping in you and they really don't care once you are out the door. Additionally, I believe the respective organism/microbe can mutate faster than vaccines can be developed.

    Suggestion: Before you get your next flu shot PLEASE read the paper they have you sign first REALLY close and then ask yourself why are they having you sign a waiver when, for years, they didn't. It lists all the possible effects of the shot, one of which is Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Go to your favorite search engine and type that in. It's my understanding that GBS is NOT a pleasant experience.
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    I never get the shots. If you have a weak immune system, why introduce an unknown into your system anyway? If you are elderly, or sickly seems you wouldnt be out in the mainstream alot anyway. Its a little different when they know what the actual virus may be, but sounds to me like they are just guessing. But thats JMHO, my Dad and Mom did everything the doctors told them they had to do. The elderly are in the mindset that they should do everything the doc says. It killed my Dad to listen to the doc against my and others advice. But who could blame them for listening to professionals. What the hell could we know. Its a personal decision what you do to keep your health. But these shots for this "pandemic" will not be whats needed if and when it gets here. So its a "shot in the dark".
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    " If you are elderly, or sickly seems you wouldnt be out in the mainstream alot anyway"

    Hey Tooner, have you looked in a casino lately?? Elderly people all over the place dragging their oxygen tanks alongside. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  20. moreluck

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    I DO get my flu shot every year. Sometimes we may get the flu, but we aren't down with it for some neighbors are. I think it works for us. I do frequent some public places (casinos) where people touch everything and you touch it too and I feel a little extra protection against those germs when I've had the flu shot. I'm also a firm believer in frequent hand washing....with soap & water, not that antibacterial crap in a bottle.