Another employee lawsuit against FedEx

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    Just waiting on my next settlement check. :greedy:
    And, zadrasphokie, mi droog.
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    Sounds like he has a legitimate case, I hope he wins. Good luck comrade.


    No kidding. Even if he is a Ground driver, that is typical FredEx crap. And if he's not an employee, then how come Fredland got to tell his "boss" to get rid of him?
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    Exactly. Another example of FedEx (the corporation) terminating a "non-employee" who works for a contractor. Attorney-types please take note of the fact that there are many examples like this of FedEx becoming involved in what is supposed to be a independent contractor/sub-contracted employee issue. FedEx runs the operation, plain and simple. The Ground contractors are a false front that allow Fred to continue to run this scam.

    Watch for Ground non-employees to eventually become real employees, and then watch Uncle Fred go ballistic when his game unravels before his eyes.

    Screw you, Smith. Your baby is eventually going to come back and haunt you. You'll be calling for an exorcist to rid yourself of your burden. I can see it now, "The power of Christ compels you, The power of Christ compels you". The evil bastard Smith will eventually get his.
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    Shouldn't the contractor of GNB Trucking be the one getting sued? They're the ones that fired this guy. I guess the pockets of GNB are not nearly as deep as Fedex's?

    Only one side of the story is being told here. Keep an eye on this one.


    I read, (on another news website), a note pertaining to this lawsuit that both FedEx and GNB are getting sued.
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    A logical approach. There is most likely culpability on the part of both. The judge will determine how much and divide the judgement accordingly.


    As the giant it is, Fedex is fighting back:
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    If you get a citation from law enforcement for not being able to speak English well enough, well then I guess you really can't speak English well enough.

    Hey, wait a minute, how come you can take a CA driving written test for a class C license in any language you want? Hmmmmmmmm
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    This is another prime example of FedEx hiring the cheapest possible labor to fill a driver's seat. They don't care if he can speak adequate English or if he's safe. He's a warm body who works for less than average and is also probably willing to work over hours or do whatever the contractor or not. This is a big reason for the high Ground accident rate in tractor-trailers, and it is a law that CDL-A license holders need to be able to converse with law enforcement, scale operators etc.

    That said, I feel for this guy because FedEx took their typical approach to a situation where an employee has become a "liability"....sever the relationship. He was willing to work on the issue (his poor English) and most employers would say " Hey, let's work with "Igor" because he's a good employee and he needs the job". But wait, Igor works for the contractor, who should have sole responsibility for Igor because he is employed by the contractor, not FedEx.

    The fact that FedEx and the contractor are jointly being sued is wonderful because it points to FedEx being directly involved in aspects of their operation which are supposed to be contractor-only issues. Every case like this one builds evidence that FedEx actually runs Ground, and that workers are indeed held to employee standards, the rationale needed to eliminate the Ground/Contractor/ISP model and make Mr. Smith run his Ground division without subsidized labor. FedEx will "vigorously defend itself',"deny any wrongdoing", and settle with this driver out-of-court in the hope they can keep case like this off the radar. But it isn't working. For at least 2 days, this story ran at the head of and other homepages, reaching millions of readers, most of whom probably got a bad impression of FedEx.

    Ground semis are going to keep crashing, because experienced professional semi-drivers aren't going to work for the crap wages Ground pays. FedEx will get the leftovers...the ones who can't speak English, who have little experience, and will also push the safety envelope because they have few alternatives.

    All Fred cares about is how he is going to pay his workers less and shovel more of the costs of employing them onto the taxpayers. Merry Christmas Fred!! Maybe the spirits of Christmas past, present, and future need to pay your miserable self a visit.

    Fred Smith...rat bastard supreme.
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    Yeah, take THAT Ebenezer Smith!
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    I work in a very "diverse" station. From Africa to the rural of Georgia ... you name it, we have it. I actually have to pay more attention to the "twang of the southerners" than any other language (go figure).

    I will be following this one closely. Can't wait to hear this guy defend himself in court. Let's see if the jury can understand his accent.
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    Good lord. I can't roll my eyes enough at that.
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    FedEx directed the contractor to terminate this non-employee because his English wasn't sufficient. When they hired him, he had poor English, right? It's only when they get caught that it becomes an issue, just like everything else they do that's illegal. I know lots of Ground drivers who can barely speak English. The one in my neighborhood speak Portugese, and very little English, but I'm sure he works cheap...all that matters.

    The big difference is that the Russian guy making the suit had a CDL-A and needs to be able to explain to the Highway Patrol or the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer why his truck and trailer can't pass inspection. He couldn't, and FedEx got some points tallied against them on the new Federal Vehicle Enforcement system, which is a big concern to FedEx because they aren't doing very well.

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    The FedEx ground driver is to FedEx like the field worker is to the farmer. Just someone they can exploit to fatten their wallet.
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    So prove that he was fired because of his national origin, ancestry, and ethnicity.
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    I think that will be proven in court...if it ever gets there. FedEx has probably already settled.
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    I wouldn't count on that. Discrimination cases are very, very difficult to prove.