any advice for a proud UPS wife?

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    Hi all. My husband is a newer driver and very low down on the totem pole. He started out very gung-ho and constantly trying to do his best for UPS -- doing everything by the book. Now he is worn out at the end of the day and beating himself up for not getting packages delivered as quickly as they "should" be. I'm constantly impressed with how many packages he can deliver in a 10-11 hour day, but what do I know. He strives for that "production bonus", but usually goes over. He's trying so hard -- skipping lunches and breaks often to try to improve his times. What can I do to help him? I make sure he has a good breakfast in the morning before he leaves for work, pack him a lunch/snacks/drinks, and try to have a warm meal for him when he (finally) gets home. I keep his uniforms clean, mended, and pressed for him. Once in a while he'll call and ask me to help find an address that isn't in his maps. I am loving and supportive of him and ask very little of him in his off time -- he deserves that time to kick-back and relax! He isn't afraid to work hard, but it seems to me like he is chasing some unrealistic goal that mgmt has tried to set for the drivers. I am so proud of him and what he is doing -- our girls are too. You'd swear he was the president the way they gush around him. They loved carpooling with him during peak and beg to get to see his truck. A few drivers have told him it gets alot better once you have a set route, so we kinda look to that for inspiration. Sorry to ramble on but it just breaks my heart to see him so frustrated...

    Any thoughts or suggestions on how to make things better for him?
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    barnkatt...I know several guys on this board who want to come and live with you right now !!

    In fact I noticed your Nevada location and if you are near a casino, I might even consider moving in with you guys.

    :lol: :lol:
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    It's a marathon not a sprint, slow down to go faster! Use methods 100% of the time ,do not worry how fast he can get it done. One you have to worry about fatigue and burnout, 2 if he is rushing worried about getting every little thing for the Parcel then you set yourself up to get hurt or hurt someone else badly. Also with the way UPS management is if he is burning it up for them they will keep pouring it on making him do more. Remember it is a career, not a one day as fast as you can go deal. He has a loving wife and kids, he needs to leave something at the end of the day for himself and the family, don't let brown burn him down!!!!!!
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    Wow, Barnkatt, you rock! With home support like you (and the kids), your hubby will be fine.

    Tell him to take it easy, it will get better with time. Make sure he takes some breaks during the day, without them he'll get hurt.

    More's right, I wanna come live with you!
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    He's setting himself up for a world of hurt. His body will give in after several years of the frantic go-go bonus mode. He needs to start thinking about how many stops he'll be able to get off after he's had his knees replaced in 7 years. Horrible injuries accompany the running and skipping breaks routine, it's only a matter of time until it happens. Your body takes a beating in this job, he's accelerating his beating tenfold by trying to look pretty on paper.

    You should encourage him to take his breaks and stop worrying about bonus. Area knowledge, the route, and the time study play an enormous part of being able to achieve bonus on a daily basis (not just running around like a madman). I've ran quite a bit under for the past two days (bonus) and I took all my breaks and didn't run, it isn't about being a track star.
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    You mentioned hubby skips his breaks, that`s only half of the solution. Tell him he also needs to RUN every delivery and to save more time tell him to leave his truck running at all times ! :cool:
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    I'm sure you were trying to be funny, but NOT.

    Barnkatt, he will make a good living without running bonus. We don't have it here and never have. Tell him to do it the right way and take care of himself.
    The only way to last long at this job is to have a tough skin and take care of yourself. A person like you helps in many ways. It will get beter for him, but running and being frustrated will only get him hurt.
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    Most drivers would kill to get what you do for your husband. After 20 years with UPS my wife still does the same for me. He will learn how to manage his work. It seems to take about a year for most drivers to get thier feet on the ground and settle into the routine.
    The hard part will be you accepting the role as a UPS widow. I am not being negative, just realistic. What you see now is the way it is going to be.
    If you are half the wife mine is, then you will know how to help your husband. Just smile alot and listen to him vent his complaints. Or, get him on BROWN CAFE and let him vent to the rest of us.
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    There is a point where you're learning the job and spinning wheels. You then learn the routes, learn the methods and stop wasting as much time on the route. At that point everything falls in place. Tell him to keep plugging away at it and he will be fine.
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    i'm proud of my job, the company, and the brand. (they pay for me to go to university. 'nuff said to the naysayers) but i sure as hell don't lose sleep when a pacakge got mis-sorted and i definately don't beat myself up to my girlfriend when boxes arrive or depart late.

    tell him to relax. get him a nice bottle of whiskey or something.
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    liquor solves everything!
  12. wow, what a nice wife, so much support. it's gonna break his heart when you start cheating on him because he's working long days and always tired/stressed.

    tell him to find a non-union job like the rest of the world does.
  13. Covemastah

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    we've all gone through it anybody who says they hav;nt are liars,a little advice to help with area knowledge would be to take a ride through some of his house call areas on a sat. with him . learn all the big streets and then there is no pressure on him he will learn area then quiz him on where st. is . he will feel more confident come monday when he isn't staring at map every 5 min.also tell him to memorize certain house that gets pkgs all the time he will remember that house # and will be easy to know how the st. #"s run. eventually he will pull up to house without even looking at #. and to remember to try to leave d.r pkgs as quik as possible dont go back to house for signature if some one answers the door friendly hello or your allset and keep going he will get it all at once soon and be less tired and stressed good luck 15yrs on pkg ive been throuhg it all
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    Just keep supporting him, and he works to live, not live to work.
    This forum is excellent to vent, I do it all the time. And he doesnt have to burden you with the jargon.
    I dont think all spouses end up cheating because you are working to give you both a nice life. If thats what someone is married to best to get rid of them before you make your fortune.
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    Just follow stop for stop in the Diad not making any left turns, the stops will come off like a Prom Dress.
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    I have only been a driver for a bit over six months so take everything I say with a grain of salt.

    Unless he his still code 5 tell him not to skip his lunch hour. If he is code 6 he doesn't get paid for the hour so why work through it. Plus it does help to get away from your PC for a while.

    As far as cutting down on time, if he were to take 10 minutes before leaving the center to get every package in order that will cut down a lot of time through out the day. Drive smart not fast. Like was mentioned above. Make as few left turns as possible. Waiting an extra 20 - 30 seconds to make a left turn multiple times a day really does add up.

    A little trick I just learned the other day which really does help. While walking to the house or business with package in hand, have that stop pre recorded, put in the address of the next stop, hit pre record twice and that will bring up the stop you are at. This way if, or should I say when, the customer says something really off cuff and takes your mind off what you are doing, you don't have to go back and check what you next stop is. It's already pre recorded.

    Area knowledge really does help. It took me probably 5 months on the same route to really know it. And I am sure I could still improve a lot more.

    Also when an on car sup rides with him, he should really pick their brain and listen to the little bits of advice they hand out. Most of them have been around minimum of 5 years and have picked up a few time saving tips here and there.

    Also stretching before you start your day really does make a difference.
  17. helenofcalifornia

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    Not a popular idea with many, but if you got to the center earlier and went through your load, I know, I know, you are not getting paid for it but you will have more confidence with your load and where you are going for that day. Are you on PAS yet? And what is that wife of yours mending? Nothing to mend. If it's ripped, torn or worn out, turn it in for some new browns! Puh..leese, do not mend. Save yourself that bit of time. And every (well most) new drivers feel exactly like you. I sweated tons until I got comfortable with the job. Do you have your 30 days in yet? Good luck!
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    I don't know what it is like at other centers, but the few times in the past couple of weeks that I showed up early, the pre-load sup asked me to punch in and help out. I sure don't mind the extra little bit of work and punching in 45 minutes before my scheduled start time.
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    Get ready to take care of your kids (if you have any) since he will be gone alot, only to see them when they go to bed. I have better things to do than to show up early to worry about my load-like inspect the insides of my eyelids. Production bonuses? Those went the way of when we "sheeted" on paper.
    Tell him to work save i.e. use hand rail, lift properly, don't run use the 10-40 methods (I think that's what they're called).

    IMHO, If his center is on PAS, I hope it was implemented correctly. Our center's PAS is a cluster.... (those of you on this board who know me in person can attest to that fact) Maybe he is lucky and working in a center like Vegas, or So. California where time was spent in implementing PAS, instead of a place where I work-Where there was a rush to get it implemented, and the PAS implementation team went back to where they came from...leaving us high and dry.
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    What a crock......If I followed the Diad my first stop would be 100 miles away. All in town air would be delivered last. Perhaps you live in Disney World.