any buildings still drivers load their own truck


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5 preload drivers. 7 late star drivers.


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Remember the picture in post #4 so, years from now, when the drivers start comping shoulder injuries.
Couldn't the company afford a motor driven belt?

Richard Harrow

I hear that CRANJ is asking drivers to come in early to preload because the building is woefully understaffed.

Funny that. They said it was going to be an automated hub. Real high tech!

Turns out you still need donkeys after all!


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We still load our own package cars, 1-2 trailers a day. Takes 8 drivers about 1.5-2 hours to unload and scan everything.

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Tons of buildings have had this full time driver sort and load for a long time. The Jews at UPS try to suppress the 9.5 list in these locations, claiming all kinds of bull*
I think it’s cool to be able to load your own truck. Start work at 4:30 and clock out at 14:00 with a 30 minute meal is better than feeders.