Any freight driver unhappy

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by freightshaker, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. freightshaker

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    with the company disregard for the weak :censored2: contract?

    Share your nightmare?:greedy:
  2. dragracer66

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    Whats weak about it, please explain. If its so bad quit and go work for a non union scab company like you just came from.... Ups could have easily laid off all you guys and had parcel drivers take the workload. Let me guess you guys want the same wages and benefits that parcel guys get right?
  3. buni g

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    now i don't understand why u would automatically take that tone. but then again it thats what this site seems to be mostly about having smart *** remarks. the contract has its good and bad points. i personally don't feel i need the same wages as parcel they work harder than we do, thats not not to say that we don't work hard ourselves in our line of work. and i don't think its about the wages. and what u never have anything to say negatively about your contract? therefore maybe u should look for another job?? but oh its ok for u to be unhappy. this is the first contract for us and i think they (the union) were in such a hurry to get it done while the gettin was good that they just threw it together. we have 4 more years and hopefully they will take more consideration with the next one. just grin and bear it use the union to your advantage as best u can be sure to read up when ever management quotes anything in the contract cause they're only gonna use it to their... benefit, and they are going to continue to push to see what they can get away with. keep in contact w/your steward in regards to anything questionable just cause management says its per the contract doesn't make it fact, they'll spin the language.
  4. dragracer66

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    Nobody is ever happy with a contract but damn this is your first one. The next one you guys get should be alot better because now you have something to go by. You add language here take this out there. I guess freightshaker thought parcel was going to hand the keys to the safe over to you guys!!!
  5. City Driver

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    im satisfied with the contract
  6. Seasoned UPSer

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    Don't ever think you Freight employees are less valueable or don't work harder than Brown. Every job at UPS has different responsibilities and challenges. We are all UPS now. Remember the U stands for United.:peaceful:
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  7. Monkey Butt

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    I agree 100%...good post.
  8. That contract is crap theres to much of a grey area.When you read the contract theres about every thing has a but to it. The companie just trieng to screw us with our own contract.It not even ups fieght its overnight thats why its so crappy. They preety much fired all of motor cargo management and took over. I wish ups step in and began chopping heads off.
  9. Buckethead

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    I'm not one of the "you guys", I don't expect to make what parcel makes. We are making great money considering we are Truck Drivers and Dock Workers.
  10. Buckethead

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    We have already had issues with Management using it to their advantage, and we have grieved it and won. One is the day before and after a holiday. If they cut runs before and after, they still have to pay. This is just an example.
  11. Buckethead

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    I dont see the screwing, if I see a problem I talk to the steward and they go from there. It has been resolved to my satisfaction each time. Then again I pick my battles carefully, and usually have a good reason for the complaint.

    I agree that Overnite Management is still here and is hard to reform. But we have taken care of the BS management has scattered here. And they are being watched very carefully. The employees have to stick, and work together, along with the stewards. Its not just going to happen automatically. Have some paticence.
  12. freightman

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    I Just wanna speak on the pay issue here.... I wouldnt say i dont think were as freight drivers dont work as hard or dont deserve the same pay as package we both earn our money very well allow me to explain.. 1-the CDL's we possess and the hazmat endorsements are a plus on our part from the jump and we go out every day and go into the very same holes as package cars sometimes right beside them, only in a tractor and trailer! not to mention the residentials we go in places u shouldnt take a care!!!! then we have to unload not just one or two boxes but pallets sometimes by hand and if its too heavy for package guess who gets it....... thats right FREIGHT but there is still only one driver per truck remember that.. But this is not to knock what package does cause lord knows they earns their money as well im just saying please dont think that we dont!
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    So what is it that you are trying to say?
  14. casanova

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    I been with the company for 16yrs. I run line haul , my job is in danger of being taken away from us solo & sleeper team and been give to contractor & sub contractor
  15. PADriver5

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    I honestly don't see how you guys do it!

    I just started two weeks ago for UPS Freight. It didn't take me long to realize this is a rediculous place to work at.

    When I came on I was NEVER a fan of unions and this experience has reinforced my opinion of UNIONS.

    One word "IDIOTIC!"

    Why can't people just "do their job" and stop bitching all the time?

    I am still a firm believer.....All a union does is PROTECT THE LAZY MAN! period!

    For me, I am going back to the real world. You guys go ahead and file your greivances and all the other crap. I will go back and work a "real" job, and make a real living! Not having to constantly look over my shoulder worrying about someone taking my job away.
  16. freightman

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    well i tell u wat i dont know wat state ur in obvioulsy somewhere deep in the south lol but in this state the employer doesnt even have to give u a reason to fire u. You can show up and they dont like the way ur ears are shaped and your canned!!! The union puts a stop to that and protect the lazy PLEASE!!! it shows that ur new to the "ups way" cause just stick around a few weeks and u will see wat the union is for when u get fired for forgetting to update ur diad!!!