Any Info. On 705 Negotiations?

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    Hi. 15 year part-timer here.(Second job) I'm new to posting but have been viewing for about 3-4months now. I think I'm ready to get more involved. So, is anybody out there(705RED maybe?) hearing anything about a local 705 deal yet? Thanks everybody.
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    Last I heard there would be nothing seriously negotiated until the new year. From what I`m getting our contract will be similar but will address some of the problems we have had here with more carefully worded Articles,subcontracting and layoffs for instance.

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    Cach is right, as of right now there are no dates to even sit down yet. However our local did hold meetings several months ago to gain info from the rank and file, and we had great turnouts for both days. I can promise you one thing, we will not accept the national offer!

    As a 15 year ptimer you should be/get involved. The other ptimers probably look up to you and you can help to educate them at work and in life. We have a meeting on sunday dec 15th at 10am in the auditorium at jackson and ashland in the city, hope to see you there.
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    Two UPS Contracts Still Not Bargained

    20,000 Covered by Local 705 and Local 710 Agreements
    The national UPS contract may soon be settled if the rejected supplements gain approval after being improved. But nearly 20,000 UPSers work under local contracts that are independent of the national agreement—and far from settled.

    UPS Teamsters throughout Indiana, Illinois and Davenport, Iowa are covered by the Local 705 contract (Chicago area) or the Local 710 contract (covering the rest of Illinois, much of Indiana, and Davenport).

    Neither of these contracts is near settlement. Local 705 has not begun bargaining, and their bargaining power will increase as we get closer to the July 31 expiration.

    Many Local 705 members have made it clear they are not happy with the concessions in the national agreement—including no new full-time combo jobs, various two-tier concessions, and weak language on excessive overtime, supervisors working and other problems.

    Their goal is to avoid these givebacks in their contract.

    At recent Local 705 meetings, local leaders have reported that they are negotiating with UPS over major grievances, after threatening to strike over the company’s failure to comply with past grievance decisions and assignment of work outside the bargaining unit.

    They are seeking to win hundreds of new package car, part-time and feeder jobs, as part of the settlement of thousands of grievances.

    The local has passed out bulletins to UPS Teamsters notifying them of a potential strike and copy of the strike notice given to management.

    Under the Local 705 contract, the union can strike if management fails to comply with grievance decisions.
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