Any other helpers installed the ups mobile delivery app?

So last Friday after work I was emailed the link for a ups app, supposedly we can earn more money with it somehow (not sure how)
This morning I wasn’t sure if I was working or not and now I know for sure I am, as on the app it has been updated already with my driver and says to meet at the scheduled time. This is pretty cool. Anyone else using it?

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So in my building, we don’t have enough DIADS, so they asked drivers to download and use the app instead of diads.

I asked if they were paying or phone bill and they replied $5/day.
That’s $100/month

so I bit and downloaded the app.
I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now. It isn’t bad. Scanning is hard at times, but not bad

a plus is I don’t receive the 1000 messages they send out everyday.