Any UPS pilots around?


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Got a brother who is a pilot for Frontier airlines out here in Denver and wants to try to make a move to UPS. Frontier is in bankruptcy and he had to take a %10 pay cut. Not sure the airline is going to make it. He was a pre-loader for several years back in the late 80's early 90's while he built flying hours and finally made the jump to fly commercial airlines. Since 1991 he has flown for Skywest, Northwest, and now Frontier.

One, any info on where to apply and who to talk with. Second, after he left UPS I went to work at UPS and now I'm a driver. Wonder if nepotism rules are a problem. Any info would be great.

Pretty sad that after 9-11 the airlines have really been having a hard time making money. Pre 9-11 my brother made $100,000 a year. Now he makes less than me and has to pay $450 a month for insurance. All you drivers out there; I know there is a lot to complain about, but we really do have it good compared to a lot of other jobs.


I dont see nepotism being a problem bc technically he would be an UPS airline employee and you would be a UPS center employee...Although not seperat companies they are seperate entities...for the hiring i believe you should be set up an app for a pilot there. check with your local hr and see if they know anyone that can help out with the airline hr


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Have him go to the FedEx website and check it out. A resume sent to the corporate HQ would get to the right people. We're probably not hiring either right now, but there's always a chance. FedEx also has a large corporate aircraft fleet most people are not aware of. Fred treats his hourlies like crap, but the pilots are very well compensated (ALPA) and have their own retirement plan. Most are domiciled out of Memphis, but a lot of pilots are able to deadhead back to MEM from all over the country.