Anybody here ever see a ENT(Ear, Nose, and Throat Doc)?

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    I'm planning on taking my son in for a visit.He's snoring a lot in his sleep.I think it might be sleep apnea(runs in my family).

    If you've seen one, what's the price after benefits? I'm just trying to get an idea of what the cost might be?

    Thanks for taking the time
  2. Bagels

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    Which insurance plan do you have? For mine (company-controlled PT), in-network providers cost $10 per visit + 10% of testing & diagnostics, although the testing & diagnostics are often covered in full. In other words, the cost should be minimal.

    Just any FYI: Most people do sore in their sleep, and sleep apnea has been identified as being over diagnosed (big $$$ in equipment, although your insurance will pay for most, if not all, of it). Proceed with caution -- if your son is young, it may be best to let him decide what's right for him when he gets older.
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    My two oldest and myself all ended up having our tonsils removed. Made a big difference in all of us. I was constantly getting strep yet now I cant remember when the last sore throat I had was.
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    Why an ENT and not a neurologist? I researched the surgery an ENT-type doctor would perform and personally considered it too risky.

    Primary care doc referred me to neurologist for a sleep study. The co-pay was $10.00 for the sleep study and now it costs less than $10.00 per month on the Aetna health insurance provided to PT'ers by the company.
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    One of my daughters snored A LOT and LOUD. Both of mine seen ENT and had their tonsils and adnoids out. I didn't notice anything different on the insurance, but also make sur they're refered from the pediatrician. Now my girls are so quiet sleeping I have to check to make sure they're still alive.
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    Your child make have larger than normal tonsils causing this.