Anyone have short term disability?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by brown67, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. brown67

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    Does anyone buy short term disability? Not talking about getting hurt on the job, but off the job is a bigger concern. We can get long term disability that kicks in after 26 weeks, but there isn't really anything for that first 26 weeks. I think comp pays around $450 a week if you're hurt away from the job, but it would be hard to keep head above water on that. Just curious if any of you have a policy, how much it costs, and have they paid?
  2. wily_old_vet

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    Comp pays you NOTHING if you are hurt away from the job.
  3. 30andout

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    Drivers have std only pays about 300 to 350 a week I am told. Ill let you know soon I am on it.
  4. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    And UPS hasn't tried to find suitable alternate work despite the short term injury?
  5. any122

    any122 adirondack man

    I was just out on short term disability UPS paid me didn't cost me a dollar.
  6. toonertoo

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    I was on short time disability about 6 yrs ago for a dog attack while off work. I got a check before I applied, I have not figured out how, other than at that time I had a good mgmt person. They paid me for the amount of time the doc said I would be off. Wasnt much, but it bought dinner. And kept me afloat.
  7. helenofcalifornia

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    In California, disability pays about $720 a week (depending of course on pay rate for the past 15 months (5 quarters) with the last quarter not counting) and workers comp pays about $820 I believe. Are you talking about the short term insurance you can buy?
  8. spitt2000

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    I had surgery, and after a 7 day wait, I get a weekly check as long as dr says so. did not cost me anything other than a phone call
  9. spidey

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    If you are injured off the job there is NO TAW. You must be back 100% to return to work. TAW is for on the job injuries.
  10. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    Interesting. So if I'm stacking boxes and due to someone else's negligence like poor stacking, a 50 lb box lands on my shoulder and breaks it, UPS has the option to give me alternate work that's safe (like clerking, scanning, phone calling).

    But if I am riding my bike and due to my own negligence I break my shoulder, I get free money?

    Hmmm, needs a bit of clarification..
  11. spidey

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    If you are injured on the job UPS will find you alternate work. It will not be counted against your long term or short term disability. You are paid as a working employee, therefore using up none of your disability benifits, which you will be counting the days of very carefully should you happen to be terribly hurt of have a major medical emergency. They have an obligation to provide TAW because you were hurt on the job. They do not have an obligation to pay you $25 an hour to sit in the office and get in the OMS's way because you fell off your bike or threw out your back midget bowling on a Saturday night.

    Why UPS won't pay you to answer phones if you've been injured riding your bike: Let's say you show up in a cast and they sit you down to answer phones. As you reach for a pencil or a sticky note you feel a pop in your shoulder. You now have a work place injury. UPS will pay possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars out because you fell off your bike. If you are not 100% medically released before your return to work UPS can be held responsible if you reinjure yourself. They have no obligation to open themselves up to that sort of liability, so they don't. I can't blame them.

    I always hesitate to post here because people flare up about every stupid thing, so I'll add this disclaimer: Not all TAW drivers or sorters get in the OMS's way, and, while I have heard of local establishments that at one time or another promoted midget bowling I have never participated myself nor do I condone it in any way, unless both little person and bowler are consenting adults of sound mind.
  12. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    Yeah that makes sense. Thanks :thumbup1:
  13. Google

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    Im off on STD in California. The state pays more than Aetna STD insurance would pay so I get nothing from UPS/Union/Aetna. I get close to $900 a week from state.

    I think the max that Aetna would have paid was 5 or 6 hundred a week. I guess thats if I didn't qualify for Sate Disability.

    Hope that helps.
  14. JonFrum

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    For The Record . . .

    Maybe we should all peek at what the contract actually says?

    Section 2. Temporary Alternate Work

    The Company may continue a modified work program on a nondiscriminatory basis. This program is designed to provide temporary work opportunity to those employees who are unable to perform their normal work assignments due to an on-the-job injury. Employees shall be provided their guaranteed hours for the duration of TAW, provided the work is available. These guaranteed hours will be reduced as medical restrictions dictate.

    The Employer will develop a list of possible TAW assignments by location. It is understood that this list may not be all-inclusive and management maintains the right to determine the availability and designation of all TAW assignment.

    Any such program that has been, or is in effect, as of the effective date of this Agreement, shall be reduced to writing, a copy of which must be submitted to the National Safety and Health Committee and the affected Local Union. If either party wants to include non-work related injuries or illnesses under the TAW program the parties will meet and agree upon such amendment. The Employer shall also meet with the Local Union upon request to discuss any changes the Local Union may propose in the TAW program. Any unresolved issues will be referred to the National Safety and Health Grievance Committee for resolution.

    Current Master Contract:

    New Master Contract and Supplements changes:

    Worker's Compensation (on-the-job) is covered in Article 14.

    For off-the-job:
    Long Term Disability for full-timers is covered in Article 34, Section 1(j).
    Short Term Disability is probably covered in your Supplement and especially your particular H&W plan booklet.
  15. Big Babooba

    Big Babooba Well-Known Member

    In reality TAW is not guaranteed
  16. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    Here we get $300 a week from the Union administered short term disability insurance.

    I also have my own personal disability insurance through State Farm that pays around 2,700 a month for up to 5 years.
  17. trickpony1

    trickpony1 Well-Known Member

    You're right. The language says, "The company MAY continue....". What this means is if the company likes you then work will be created for you. I have seen drivers who didn't use an attorney get TAW while drivers who did use an attorney did not get TAW. Coincidence? I think not.
    It makes one wonder what the attorneys on the union side of the negotiating table were doing when this topic came up.
  18. upsgrunt

    upsgrunt Well-Known Member

    What's the premiums for that policy?
  19. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    It's around $87 a month. We are in the highest risk category because of our job.
  20. upsgrunt

    upsgrunt Well-Known Member

    I checked into it several years ago and to get $4000 a month coverage was close to $300 a month premium.