anyone hear anything about enterprise inside sales?

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    I keep hearing rumor that enterprise inside sales may be moving or may be closed out. I know a few of the programs have already been moved or are in the process of being moved to Guatamala. I heard they may be gone by end of year. I was told that the managers and supervisors were told about this, then they all went on vacation for a week.
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    really......that's how it is......

    really.....that's how it is....those people take care of more than 1 Billion in annualized revenue and just like that.....we don't care. we have had so many cuts in the past year we eventually wont be able to stop the bleeding. more and more talent goes out the door every day and we are left with the dumb ones, not the strong ones, to keep things going. those people in enterprise inside sales know more than most of the field reps I know and the cost the company less on top of that. no car allowance, no fuel, no mileage, no expense by all means let's get rid of them. Or, even better let's give there jobs to people in another country who are only required to speak 50% English. You can find the job requirements for Guatamala on upsers....How are our customers going to react when they get a call from them.....

    In 11 years I never thought we would go this way with our jobs.
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    Sorry for the jerk replies on here Tex.

    I have not heard this but that is consistent with what the Corporation has been doing the last 10 years.
    Not just UPS but just about every other Corporation as well.

    That is one of the problems with Corporations - there is no conscience ... there is no sense of right or wrong ... there is no soul.

    I would like to think that many of the decisions makers in these Corporations would not make these decisions if the economics did not dictate it. I just don't know anymore.
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    It is quite unnerving to think that the brand is being ruined by outsourcing.
    UPS used to be respected well above all the "other corporations"
    When I call the driver hot line with a brokerage discrepancy issue,instead of talking
    to someone in Moncton NB,ups Canada's head office,I get someone in South America.
    WE also offer "FREE" one delivery attempts at no reduced cost so customers can go to the
    ups store to get their package.I just don't know anymore why anyone would use us when we
    are just like every other package delivery company.
    I have about 9 years left,if my body holds up and or I just can't take it anymore.
    I'm not a shareholder,and I'm glad I'm not.
    The sad part is,when they went public,we lost the essence of what we once had.
    I hate the new ups , and ya know what? So do our customers.
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    I can foresee a day in the not-too-distant future when my "supervisor" will be some guy named Patel who reads the PCM every morning and chews me out for being overallowed via vidoeconferencing from some telemarketing call center in New Delhi or Mumbai. He will never have done my job himself; he will have no clue what the hell he is talking about; what he says will make no sense at all to me; and he will basically be reading a script that is given to him from somebody in Corporate.

    Come to think of it we are pretty much there already, other than the thick accents and video screens.
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    The strike changed things forever.
    Going public ruined things forever.
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    These two events certainly impacted and changed UPS. No doubt.

    There is another factor that in my opinion dwarfs these two.


    We have an aggressive competitor. One with a much better cost structure than us. Who can undercut price. Who touts to its customers that they are more stable because of not having a union.

    FedEx ground has over 65,000 non union people moving 3 million packages a day. The majority of that used to be ours!!!!

    It costs FedEx almost half as much for ground driver as it costs UPS. I am NOT saying that our drivers are not worth it. I have never said that.

    But one cannot dismiss the impact of competition....
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    Shall we set up a tent for you at an OWS protest?
  9. bbsam

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    Agressive today, ruthless tomorrow.
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    No ... I still have a job and I like bathing daily.

    But the real reason is I hate belonging to groups. Group think makes me nauseous and mindless repetition of whatever a speaker says is ... well it reminds me of monkeys.

    Corporations are not perfect as certainly government is not, small business owners are not ... change is always happening.
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    We recently had a 27 yr driver with over 15 years of safe driving crack a mirror while going down a rural, tree-lined 1/2 mile long driveway.

    He called it in, and the center responded by sending a supervisor out on a 4 hr round trip drive up into the hills of the Oregon Coast range so that he could take about 15 pictures of a tree branch.

    That night, I sat in with the driver as a shop steward during a 40 minute meeting to discuss the "accident".

    The next day, the supervisor spent 10 hours riding with this driver. And for the next 5 days, the driver was required to show up 15 minutes early and report to the "safe zone" in order to regurgitate safety acronyms.

    If we assign a value of $50 per hour to the 13.5 hours that the supervisor spent investigating, analyzing, photgraphing, documenting and prosecuting this "accident" comes to about $700, including mileage on his personal vehicle.

    To that we add almost 2.5 hours of driver overtime (80 minutes for the driver and myself at the meeting, plus the hour and 15 minutes that the driver spent in the "safe zone") which cost the company another $150 ($45 an hour OT plus pension contributions, Social Security etc.)

    Bottom line: we made a business decision to spend over $800 on a cracked mirror that costs the shop about $6.

    Its not the cost of our drivers that is making it harder for us to compete. It is our bloated, top-heavy, inflexible, incompetent, paranoid, metrics-obsessed management structure that is making it harder for us to compete.

    You have the best and hardest-working drivers in the industry. Want us to succeed? Then set us up to succeed and get the hell out of our way!
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    I have no doubt that what you said happened. I have no doubt that we can be more productive if we stopped doing some of the stupid things we do....


    This is not new. we used to say that we made money in spite of ourselves.

    What is new is competition. I wonder how much money FedEx ground spends for on road supervisors? Probably zero because they use contractors.

    Using the $50 per hour rate you mentioned, the difference between a UPS and FedEx ground driver is almost $25 per hour. That is a daily difference, not a business decision to document an accident.....

    I have NEVER said that our drivers are not the best / hardest working anywhere. I have NEVER said that they are not worth the money.

    While I am not discounting the stupid things we do, I AM saying that competition is the single largest issue we have.....
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    But a covey of pimply nerd I.E. Supervisors sitting in cubes in Corporate is a close second!
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    careful hoax
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    I thought they were closing innoplex.
  16. Monkey Butt

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    Innoplex was closed back in July.

    No I.E.s were allowed to domicile at the Innoplex. We allowed them to come in for meetings but quickly escorted them out of the building.
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    txsalesrep - I looked through the posts and didn't see a definitive answer to your question, so I thought I answer your question. The short answer is no, the ISR positions are not going anywhere... in fact they are expanding and adding a third site in the west (then there will be one site per region.) The only groups from your program that are going to Guatemala are the non-ISR groups (Growth and Welcome programs.) This is why the manager G.V. has been absent from the site so much. Hope this helps.