Anyone out there getting suspension letters for misloads?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by BC431, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. BC431

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    the letters I received state:
    "On (date), you failed to follow instructions, proper load methods and/or procedures which resulted in two misloads."

    I am personally not aware of what procedure I failed to follow that resulted in the misload, unless the instruction or method or whatever is "don't misload."
    My main question is the discipline for misloading, or is it for failure to follow directions, b/c I wasn't given any instruction to violate unless it's "don't misload."

    F/T Sup says the acceptable rate is 1/2000 pieces.

    Sorry if this is an old topic,

    any help is appreciated.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You didn't specify whether you load package cars or outbound trailers so I will assume pkg cars. I will also assume that these misloads were not simply pkgs on the right car but on the wrong shelf but that these were pkgs loaded on the wrong car. If that is the case, the method that you failed to follow was comparing the lane number on the PAL to the lane number of the pkg car that you loaded the pkg on to. That is the most common error in my center. My loader loads lanes 22, 24 and 26 and he has no problem but substitute loaders tend to mess up the lane numbers. How do you correct this? Double check the lane number against that of the pkg car you are walking in to. Double check that the PAL matches the physical address label. Double check the load location. Oh, and by the way, please do all of that safely and quickly.
  3. PT Stewie

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    You failed to say if this has happened before.Did you recieve any prior warning with regards to procedures or missorts from your sup.And if so was this done in the presence of your steward.Find out what is the S.O.P. with regards to progressive disipline in your area.Again ask your steward. If this is the first time or if it has not happened for a long time your local union may be able to contest the letter.
  4. happybob

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    Most local unions will automatically contest a suspension letter. However, do not wait for them to file, file a grievance yourself to contest the letter.
  5. talkwith

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    It has been a long time since I've been on the preload but back in those days they were always more specific on their warning letters. Nowadays, the fad is to write "failure to follow instructions" because it is vague and allows them to discipline you without being specific. I would file a grievance based on the fact that they have not specified what instructions they are referring to. For future reference I would also refuse to sign any grievance with the "failure to follow instructions" phrase if they are not specific. Don't be afraid to take a stand. Many, but not all supervisors will try to railroad you into signing by threatening you.
  6. BC431

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    If this is the case, then in my hub, the failure to read 1 out of every 2,000 PALs correctly could effectively lead to a discharge, that is like %99.998 effective. The standard seems a little high, especially when the f/t sup tells me only about %54 of the pkg. car loaders are achieving that rate. I load around 750 pieces per day, and there is a set on my belt that only has 1 car and gets 250 pieces per day. That loader is never going to misload. Seems like disciplining people for misloads is an unfair practice that works against those w/ more work to do.
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    We need to know what you load. If it's package cars I have any number of ways to beat the wrap as I have gone through this all summer as a laid off driver. If it is trailers I've got nothing as you scan everything you load. If it is trailers make up a letter of protest that sounds good and send it off. Other than that I've got nothing.
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    Not in our building.
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    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong...

    They have to follow disciplinary progression. Verbal warning (don't sign), written warning (don't sign), suspension notice (don't sign), intent to terminate (don't sign), and I think there's a hearing before it is finalized. Talk to your steward and/or your local business manager. That's why you pay them.
  10. grgrcr88

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    Man, I am missing out I did not know you all paid stewards. All my time is volunteer!!!
  11. gostillerz

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    Damn proofreading....
  12. PT Stewie

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    Do not transfer to UPS Socks building you could get busted for violating the code of silence
  13. MonavieLeaker

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    The other day I was clocking out and I seen a termination letter for not following proper load was signed by the BA
  14. mpeedy

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    If the sup can prove that no one threw a misload in the package cars when you were on brake or clocked out they have a point.
  15. jstednfd16

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    I was having a problem last oct. (08) with sups saying I had misloads I know for a fact I check my trucks before I leave I went a whole year with no warnings or nothing i had maybe 1-2 misloads a month if that, and now here it is oct again and i had 6 misloads in one week and only worked 4 days last week and they could not even show me the misloaded packages there excuse was it got delivered the problem is sups are running us part timers off the belt and loading what packages are left outside the car and also they are down in the unload (the sups) flipping up labels that is causing us to have the **** shoved down our throats and stacking out packages. i always sign under protest on all misloads they say i have .
    any advice or help?
  16. Dragon

    Dragon Package Center Manager

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong...

    They have to follow disciplinary progression. Verbal warning (don't sign), written warning (don't sign), suspension notice (don't sign), intent to terminate (don't sign), and I think there's a hearing before it is finalized. Talk to your steward and/or your local business manager. That's why you pay them.

    That part is correct.

    You don't have to sign for disciplinary part but under article 50, last paragraph you do have to sign if it is going in your file. Not admitting guilt just says that you understand it is going in your file. If you do not sign, first (day) time you refuse to sign its is failure to follow, second (day) time its refusel to sign and you are on the street. Couple of my guys found out the hard way.

    It does sound like your sup's are trying to help. Just try and keep your head down and follow the methods and you should be fine.
  17. Dylonf33

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    I have received a letter as well stating that i have failed to provide adequate service. My boss told me that the next time i have to see him in his office i will be suspended.
    I was told that at my warehouse the amount of misloads i am allowed is 2-3 a week.
    The ways you can get a misload is either putting a package in the wrong area on a shelf or if you put a package in the wrong truck.
  18. Dylonf33

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    how would i cut down on my misloads? Any advice?
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    When you pull a package from the belt, make sure you are in the right lane number/package car for that package. Check the PAL label against the address label. Read the four digit load location and put the package where the PAL says to put it. If you have too many packages for that shelf or a bulk stop on the shelf that, if you moved it, would leave enough room for all of the other packages, then move the bulk stop to an open spot on the floor and tell the driver where you moved it to so that he does not have to spend time looking for it. If you have to slow down a bit to make this happen then do so.

    My loader had 7 misloads today--3 that I was able to catch before leaving the bldg and 4 that I found on road. There is no excuse for 7 misloads for one package car in one day.
  20. grgrcr88

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    Article 50 of what? My contract only goes to 45.