Anytime chat...log in now~


Hey everyone.The reason nobody uses the chat room other than Sunday night is because there is no one is in there.We have so many members now that there must be a few people every night that feel like chatting.
I created this thread in the hopes that it would act as a reminder that someone is in the chat and would like to talk.Its thursday today and I've
been off all day relaxing.My wife is off to work and I'm free to chat if anyone else feels like it.


its not a secret chat,I just feel that there is a need for the chatroom every night,we all have issues,and anytime chat is a way to arouse interest,I asked Cheryl if there was a way to inform people that there was someone in the chat,a light could go on or something...but no...the chat is just a java based program that is what it is.A lot of people have trouble because they time out,this software tends to get to know you over time.IE works great,firefox does not like it.
Be the first to log in if you need support or to just cry.

Harley Rider

34 yrs & done!
Sorry I didn't last long tonight. My ISP or PC one is giving me fits. I told the wife to stay off those porn sites but does she listen? :wink2: Think if it does not improve I am going to have to wipe the slate clean and re-install windows. It was good to see so many perps in there at once.

Hey Rod........ you don't have to be able to type fast. Just read fast before it scrolls off the screen! :laughing: