Arbitration: UPS Freight Subcontracting/Article 43 and 44.

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    How long has THE UNION and THE COMPANY been deadlocked over this issue? It looks like more than two years to me and my creditors. When the new contract is inked, and that includes a ‘package contract’ and the rumored combined contract of Freight and Package, it should have some clear language regarding the lame grievance process which we all suffer from today. Every effort shall be made to settle grievances at a local pre-panel meeting. This would expedite the process, save money for all the parties to the contracts-Freight and Package. Why should a person suspended or fired have to wait months for some clowns to get together in some resort place, play golf, whore around and then settle some issues? Who is paying the aggrieved employees bills while the party of the first part and the party of the second part are one big back slapping good ole boy networking party?
    There shall be NO DEADLOCKED grievances and if these two sets of jerks, each with their own agenda, cannot settle, the issues then send it IMMEDIATELY TO BINDING ARBITRATION. Where is the issue [43 and 44] now? According to my information THE UNION has not kept ITS EMPLOYER [WE THE MEMBERS] up to speed on the arbitration. Did the parties to the issue meet for one day, someone get a hang nail, their pet rock die or what other lame excuse and then they needed to postpone future arbitration. What is the agenda?
    THE UNION only wants dues paying members and THE COMPANY wants cheap subcontracting labor. If THE COMPANY could get away with sub contractors in UPS Freight and UPS Package vehicles they would, but THE COMPANY needs to keep the ‘UPS Brand prominent’ for the shippers, receivers and the public. As this time goes by, the Freight employees fall off due to sub contracting, and THE COMPANY makes more money on less labor and hires newbie’s at a lower contractual rate.
    If I am going to continually be screwed, lied to and pay for it at least I will choose where, when and enjoy the process. How many days has the IBT management gone hungry, had to stall and fend off creditors recently?
    Keep on electing the same good ole boys; they will take care of you sheep.
    The closer the lay off gets to some the more active they become

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    I thought i was the only one fighting with telemarketers about late payments, threats of repossession, ect.

    I started to believe that i was mis managing my 20 hour a week paycheck. (management says my 20hrs= 40hrs somehow)
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    The next date for subcontracting arbritation is april 25 2012
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