are all UPS stores set up like crap?

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  1. Every one I have picked up from is tiny. Out of like 6 or so I have picked up at, only half have a back door. Then, two of those that have a back door, it opens to a tiny room crammed with packages and a struggle to fit the cart through. Only one of them is easy to pick up at. Just wondering if they are like this everywhere.
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    Back room does not generate revenue potential for a retail store.
    The UPS Stores are typically located in a pre-existing retail space which is configured for the retail model.
  3. I don't get frustrated about the size of the back room, as much as getting in and out of it.
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    There is a small store in Newton Mass that gets several pick ups daily also on Sats.
    He has the center manager on speed dial .
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    As much as I like going in and out, I usually try to avoid the rear door.
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    ​A little frisky tonight. You need to go back to Hawaii without the kids.
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    I think they should all have a dock with an extendo just to make it easier on us drivers. Who cares if they make money.
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    Spouse had a low back fusion the week after returning from Hawaii. She's in a turtle shell for 3 months and her surgeon says NO sex until further notice.
    On top of that, the lakes in Northern Wisconsin are still iced over, the boat is still in storage and the fish are still swimming.
    Bring my little girl home from UW this week.
    Guess I am a little edgy!
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    ​You just need to man up and take things in hand.
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    Ive picked up from some that would ship so much freaking volume during peak we used to have to park a tp-60 behind it and empty out their back room at 3 and when I stopped for lunch my driver helper(who worked pre-load) would load up the UPS store's volume in the tp-60, and then pull up my last 150 or so stops up to the front of the truck for me... He brought us a radio everyday and my misses packed us lots of snacks, then at the end of the day help me load the rest of the pieces up into my pkg car... That was the best helper I ever had, gave him a $200 tip on Christmas Eve and looking back now I should of gave him $500 he saved me so much wear and tear.
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    Back fusion no sex?? I dont see the issue here bro.... When was her last oral surgeon visit?
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    Time to teacher her there are other ways to please you. :p
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    Deliver to an adult toy store on my route. Have been eyeing up the palm ***** but cannot decide between the one with hair or without.
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    My momma always told me I would get a hairy palm!
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    ​You, my friend, are on a roll tonight!
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    UPS doesn't care about anything except there FAKE image now. it's not BIG BROWN anymore. It's BOTTOM LINE. sad.
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    Its their FAUX image actually.
    Now officially referred to as Big Brown Bottom Line ... not to be confused with underwear skidmarks.

    Skid Marks: When to Wash 'Em and When to Toss 'Em


    It's their -in memory of UpStateNYUPSer -we miss you!
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    Their bathrooms are always dirty.
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    Not skid marks.....rather UPS Racing stripe....BC