Are unloaders considered preloaders...during the Preload shift??

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    If anyone that is a steward or business agent...I need some help shed on the subject for me.....Under Article 59 it states that Newly hired employees hired after August 1,2008 should start at the following wage increases...please clarify about unloaders......

    Hourly Rate Pre-loader All others

    Start 9.50 8.50
    Start +90 days 10.50 9.50
    senority +1year 11.00 10.00
    senority +2years 11.50 10.50
    senority +3years 12.00 11.00
    senority +4years 12.87 11.87

    my question is are unloaders considered Pre-loader/Sorter rate or are they considered all others. I am a Spa person who was hired in at 8.50 due to being considered under the all others payrate and my Preload HR has hired many Unloaders in at the 9.50 rate.....

    I am wondering if they are being hired in at the Preloader/ Sorter rate when they are considered unskilled same as me....can I file a grievance under Article 36 as it states the following......
    The Employer and the Union agree not to discriminate against any individual with respect to hiring,Compensation,terms or conditions of employment because of such individuals race,color,religion,sex,sexual orientation,national origin,physical disability veteran status or age in violation of any federal or state law,or engage in any other discriminatory acts prohibited by law......I think you get the picture....

    I was hired 6/25/2008 as a Spa/Data Capture Clerk and didn't attain my senority until right after 8/1/2008...and my mom's boyfriend is a Union Steward at another hub....but stated that I would be entitled to a dollar in pay if I grieved on these two articles......due to discriminating....basically hiring Unloaders in at Pre-loader/ Sorter Rates as they are considered unskilled same as me and that they have been being paid a buck more a hour for 2 and a half years and have less senority than me but are getting paid more. I unload just as much as they do as in my building everyone in the primary is cross trained to do all the primary jobs......Any input would be BA is on vacation and my shop steward is new!!!!
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    You are going to have to go sort or load browns if you want that dollar.
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    The only probable result on you grieving is that the ones getting paid incorectly will lose they extra dollar and have to repay what has been overpaid. I assure you UPS is not going to overpay you as well just because they been doing it to someone else!! You are in the all others catagory and start at $8.50. Find out from your B/A when he returns what are cosidered skilled positions in your local and bid to one of them when you have the seniority if you want the extra dollar.
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    I don't know the size of your building, but preload is prelooad is preload. I was AM clerk and left on injury. When I came back I was loading 5 trucks at the head of the belt without a splitter. A person 3 times my size was training in DA(my old job). HE was unhappy, as was I. I tried to grieve and was told by the Labor Supervisor that I am preload, Period. FILE YOUR GRIEVANCE WITH ART 50 DOUBLE PAY ATTACHED. Do not let your steward or BA tell you you can't. It is your legal right to file a grievance if the smell of crap coming from your managers mouth stinks, if you want. Do not be intimidated by management or union. You have the art. to file under(59), (with art 50). And add art 37 plus "any and all other that may apply". Make sure you add that, too.
    Good luck and I want an update, please.