Are UPS Drivers Living paycheck-to-paycheck?


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Everybody is being gouged now...hang in there 👍
It's just a matter of time. Being the rainy season in addition to the heat here in Florida is just too much sometimes. I haven't had issues managing the money part of this whole ordeal over the past 2 years...just we're cutting it close this year due to it being more expensive. Another month or so and I'll be able to pump out 55+ hour weeks like it's nothing. Until then, it's 40 and out with an occasional 6th punch.

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The lure of keeping us with the Jones is still alive.
It’s interesting to see how few teenagers and young adults work at fast food anymore. I see them mostly at Chick-fil-A. Mostly older adults at other fast food places.
Because they’re told how special they are they’re entire lives, then they go blow a fortune at college and when they get out they have such an elite sense of themselves they want a six figure job right out of the gate and don’t want to work up the ladder. It’s why all these bums working at McDonald’s are demanding 20$ an hour to do a terrible job running a register instead of working their way up into management.

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Go check your local sex offender registry. You might see some familiar faces.
I was curious once about how many were on my route. I don’t recommend doing it. There was a garage I delivered to for years. They were your typical rural looking mechanics, every one of them including the owner was on the registry. Not even a mile and a half away from an elementary school.

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I'm on the verge of being paycheck to paycheck but that's literally my own doing. We're not living above means at all. The issue now is that not only are things more expensive but our local electric company imposed an extra hike for no reason whatsoever other than them being greedy. So now instead of having a $200-250 electric bill we're pushing $400-500. Add in the fact my daughter is doing virtual school still since her immune system is absolute rubbish and Covid would still mess her up, her Mom not working to stay home with her and effectively be a homemaker for the time being... it's rough. But, we're getting by. Once it cools off some and we're not constantly at 100+ I'll pick up more OT, but for the time being...we're okay.
Depending on your state and it’s laws you can shop around for electricity providers. They sent me a notice they were jacking my electric up for a second time this year and I went on the state run marketplace website and locked in for a year with another provider for half of what I was paying. Saving me about 160$ a month.


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Best way to avoid this is to put the first five hundred of your check in the savings account. Build up your savings and then hold back a check for a week. After a few months you’ll always be ahead and have some savings.

I know this a generic post but it works for many in our center. Keeping the financial house in order is key to avoiding the stress that comes from being broke.
First $500? That's the bar tab for some around here


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Seriously , if you are having trouble with your finances I suggest you follow and read Dave Ramsey.

Just good common sense info which I learned from my parents who survived the great depression.


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It’s not living paycheck to paycheck. It’s living above your means. 4500 square foot houses, two cars, motorcycles, boats. I love when people complain that their wages are stagnant and how their dad could work one job while mom stayed at home back in the 60s. Your parents in 1966 didn’t have 8 10$ a month streaming services, an extra car payment, cell phone, cable, internet bills. Didn’t blow 1,000$ every year on a new phone and didn’t have fifty appliances in the kitchen.
I totally agree with EVERYTHING you posted.


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For the average part timer it is next to impossible...20 hours a week making close to 18 an hour...clears 260...after taxes...

I gross more in one day than the kid took home in a week.

If 70% of the total UPS Union workforce is part time it could play with the the deadline approaches expect some calculated scare tactics.. especially on B/C..
If they are only getting in 20 hours a week they need to get at LEAST one more part time job.


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I’m definitely not putting away as much as I was just 2 years ago. 2 grand use to go into savings every month and that’s just my end, the wife who knows we have separate accounts. With the next contract looming it’s probably time to reconfigure the budget.