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I am trying to return to my full time job as a driver after 11 months in and out of work due to an on the job shoulder injury. Dare I say I'm not the most popular guy with managment? They switched me from a 700 to an old 500 added 20 stops to the new run I bid and have put up as many roadblocks as possible to make my return more difficult. My options are destroy my arm by continuing to work (I have 17yrs in) or quit and run and try for a new career at 52 yrs of age. Another option would be an Article 22.3. Our local is vauge and non commital on this subject and of course management wants me gone so I will get no help from them. Does anyone know how to get an interpitation of that language from the union and the company? Can a full time driver bid a new 22 job? Any advice how I can put up a good fight for my rights would be greatly appriciated.


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Current openings in your building for article 22 positions will first be offered and awarded to current article 22 employees. If the position(s) is not filled then current full-time package car drivers with a minimum of 20 years seniority will be eligible to bid on the article 22 job. If no current article 22 employees nor full-time drivers bid on a specific job it will then be awarded to part-time employees on a seniority basis. So I guess since you only have 17 years your S.O.L.!!:sad:


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I guess it depends where you are. Here any driver can bid a 22.3 job (years in does not matter).

In the meantime, take it easy on that arm. Don't let them push you too hard. Start filing harasment grievances if they do. Keep your shop steward in the loop.

Have you approached the management team and asked for a lighter dispatch?


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over9five is correct in that there is no minimum amount of years a driver needs. Thats just how it is at my hub. You need to speak to your HR. This is a copy from the contract:

1. Any existing Article 22.3/40 combination job permanently vacated shall be offered to all current Article 22.3/40 bargaining unit employees within the building where the vacancy occurred by company seniority.
2. Jobs not filled in 1. above, will be posted for bid to all other full-time employees within the building regardless of classification. Full-time drivers taking a 22.3/40 combination job must remain in that job for 180 calendar days.
3. Jobs not filled in 2. above will then be subject to the provisions of the
Jurisdictional Transfer language of Article 1 of the JC 28 Rider for all other
Article 22.3/40 employees.
4. Jobs not filled in 3. above will be offered to the part-time to full-time list.

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Is it the driving (assuming) non-power steering 500 that is bothering your shoulder that makes you want to bail on pkg. car? If so being that you injured your shoulder on the job, they defiantly should have to accommodate you by giving you one with power steering. We had a lady that got hurt on the job working a full-time in the building job, and the injuries prevented her from doing any existing job. So, they actually had to create a job that she could do. Now that was 10-15 years ago so whole different atmosphere. Anyways if the pkg. car managers will not budge, then other steps are needed, possibilities: higher mgmt., union, HR, doctor for injury, and states work comp. department. Best of Luck, am actually dealing with similar problem.