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    I have been at UPS for several years now and to say the least members of management have no representation. I understand that as a union member, that some of you may have both negative and positive perspectives on the way the company is ran among other things. In my years of service at UPS it is imperative that union members first set aside biases and personal opinions and understand the overall situation. The union serves as an outstanding advocate for those individuals that are loyal in every way with the company, but my concern lies with those that arent so loyal.I am open to you guys sharing your thoughts and concerns but respectfully doing so!! Thanks, and lets keep in mind that somethings are clearly evident and they are as follows:
    1. Company on the bottom line can be ran more efficently yet company provides one of the best systems as far as pay and benefits.
    2. Stability.
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    Call me stupid, but I have no Idea what your asking/saying here.
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    I would call you Grocer before I called you stupid.

    (I also have no clue what she is babbling about.)
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    Apparently we are allowed to air any issues we have with management to her and then she our management teams and get all of our problems fixed??
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    I think Sarah Palin has found this forum.
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    I think she is addressing those "unloyal" as the ones not doing things in the best intrest of the company.

    As far as asking what managment can do to improve the relationship with all union members, how about adhering to what you agreed to 4 years ago in everyday operations. When you can do that, we can talk.
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    I could really eat a Five Guys cheeseburger right now.
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    Are they really that good? One opened in Syracuse, and I haven't stopped, yet. I have to go down next week. Was thinking either Red Robin or Five Guys. I haven't tried either.
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    A you a supervisor for the load or unload? If for the load, than I would have some questions for you. Also, are you here to answer our questions or debate the loyalty of us hourly workers?

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    She works for UPS and you guys wonder why shes losing her mind??? To OP no offense by that statement.
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    Seriously now, how did this get so derailed? I'll ask one viable question. How do you motivate employees and job sections to do better? Some belts run themselves, others are a nightmare.

    (*Off topic now) 5 Guys is alright I guess but nothing special. You're better off going to Chili's for a burger or sandwich.

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    Red Robin has unlimited refills on fries. The burgers taste just like a OCharlies, Applebees, ect
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    Yes Five Guys is really that good. Especially the fries. Like a boardwalk type fry. It's also THE unhealthiest burger in America. That's why it's so delicious.

    At Red Robin, just go with the Gourmet burger. It is quite delicious. Better than an Applebee's burger. I personally don't like the fries there. They serve steak fries and I don't like steak fries. Steak fries are mushy and I like thin cut crispy fries.

    One of the best burgers I have ever had was an In 'n' Out burger but no such luck getting them here on the East Coast anytime soon. :(
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    I like talking about burgers more than re-reading that blubbering from the OP.
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    I guess I will have to try a three, chili's included. :)
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    Haven't had 1 yet, going to have to try 1!