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    At what point is attendance factored in when one is shift bidding? Here's an example:
    3 employees, exact same seniority, 1 has missed a day, at this point is attendance factored in to determine the winner of the shift bid or is just given to one of the three employees?​
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    Attendance is not factored in. The bid goes to the highest senior employee bidding on it.

    And those 3 employees do not have the exact same seniority. They may have the same seniority date, but when this happens, there are ways, different in each area, to determine the seniority order. This must be done for bidding purposes, vacation selection, layoff, etc.

    In some areas, the seniority will be determined by the date on the application. Some go alphabetically. Some go by a coin toss. Some go by the time each employee actually started work on the first day.

    Whichever way your area does it, it should already be decided the seniority order of those 3 with the same hire date.
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