Average time it takes to become full time?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Box_loads, Jan 28, 2020.

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    Two and a half years is the average (nationwide) for P/T Handlers moving on to driving. Of course that’s just the average, it varies depending on location as mentioned before. Start bidding on every FT job that comes up. Are there 22.4s at your center? That could be your ticket to RPCD in a couple more years.

    You’re gonna have to pass a road test to get into driving, so learn how to drive a manual transmission if you don’t already. Then you’ll have to make it through a week of training where they test you in class and on road. Once you’re through that you get 30 days to not F up, make book on a training route and hope they don’t DQ you for something trivial. Not hard but not easy either.
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    Right now you can become full time as there are many people retiring and drivers moving up to feeder. The boom will stop and it will be a long wait again.
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    Hi! What’s the best way to become a trailer mechanic with no experience? Also go to Ryder or something? I always see listings for ups mechanic jobs.
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    I hear ya and totally agree!

    It grinds my gears when I see brand new employees -- especially those under the age of 25 -- NOT unloading feeder trucks!

    Just wanna scream at the supervisor and say, "Why on Earth aren't these new hires unloading? For Pete's sake, this time last year, they were deciding what to wear to their senior prom!"

    Everyone should have to get their UPS feet wet by unloading!
  5. Martini

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    Yes, I've seen that happen where I'm at too. You just never know.
    Make sure you make it known that you wanna drive, and you just might get lucky.
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    Somewhere between a couple months and 15 years.
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    What a great response
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  9. You're welcome
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    Yeah, find someone that will let you get some experience, get some tools etc. then after a few years keep looking. It’s easier to get hired with only a few years experience as a trailer mechanic and then bid a power job later since you will have first shot before it goes out to the street. I have not seen anybody get hired with less than 5 years experience in the power shop off the street. Most of us had at least 10 years experience before we got hired.
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    you are :censored2:ty
  13. Took me almost 9months
  14. Box_loads

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    Well weirdly enough (since I recently made this thread) last week I was given a paper by my ft supervisor saying to contact HR for a full time driving position. Just passed my road test Friday, and have the precourse papers for integrad. I’ve been studying my 5s and 10s and have to work on backing in more, but does anyone have any advice/tips moving forward?
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    What’s the advantage of going to a power job? Must be hard as hell to take those trucks apart then put them back together. I would have extra/left over parts lol!
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    Don't make a mess.:funny: