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    Can people remember the days when bulk, like in our building, was sent over the belts? Nobody used to get hurt and now with all the safety stuff and training, people get hurt all time. I was doing bulk train today to cover a part-timer who decided to call in sick. Thats another thing, when i started in 1987, nobody used to call in sick , everybody came to work. Nowdays, with the IM-Generation, there is always 5-10 out a day. Just suxs.[​IMG]

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    you get what you pay for...back in the 80's, UPS started at like $8-$8.50...and mcdonalds was like $3 an mcdonalds is like $6.50-$7.20 an hour...but UPS is still the same.
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    And they keep trying to increase the performance standards. A human can only do so much, then he/she is going to break. Plain and simple.
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    another thing annoying....cell phone use in the load areas. Part-timers using cell phones when their supposed to be working annoys the <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font> out of me.
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    thero: you sound like you have the work ethic that made UPS what it is today.
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    Nobody called in when I was PT either. We just all figured unless we were going to die we could make it thru 3-5 hrs. And we knew our fellow workers would help us make it as much as possible. In my first 11 yrs I missed 8 days, and it was 8 days in a row under doc orders. Now its like people call off for ignorant things. So that when people need off for legitimate things, they also call off as they know it cannot be granted. That is something no one likes to do, but it is called survival. Only so many docs, and dentists, optometrists, etc have Saturday hrs. The work ethic of the newer employees isnt what it used to be, and then it seems when they get one who has that ethic and wants to excel, they do not recognize it.
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    Someone else mentioned it, but you get what you pay for.

    In 82 $8.5 plus benefits was a great package.

    In 95 it wasn't and it certainly isn't in 2005 either.

    The best go elsewhere for better hours (both amount and time of day) and better wages.

    UPS gets the dross and also rans now a days and it shows.

    Deplorable attendance records where they couldn't earn a pizza in a year for a week with no one late, let alone in attendance.
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    Remember the old time cards?You had to be a mathematician to correctly transfer the info from the 10 or more pages of handwritten delivery records(with the carbon paper between each one),area serviced,deliveries,pickups, the volume for each,etc onto them .I don`t miss that.
    I even remember having to staple 2 together a few times when I did more than 5 areas in a day.Still,I cursed the diad when we first got it,but I`ve grown to appreciate it.
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    .and we did all of that while wearing long pants in the summer heat. I was also driving a P-600, the UPS equivalent of the Corvair, unsafe at any speed. LOL!
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    ya, the harder you work, the less you get paid. Thier (UP$) always screwing up paychecks, dont say "hey, good job" anymore, or ever, but if you screw up, they have all this osha crap at our building, but only because they were forced to do it, they dont care about anything but numbers anymore.[​IMG]
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    I remember when it all came over the belt-----I remember when we pre-sheeted everything before we left the building---before part timers!! Seems like we attracted a different work ethic when we started using p/t's.
    Drivers have always stuck together to get the job done---nobody ever called in sick----times have definitely changed.

    I see P/T's with cell phones---I see drivers talking on cell phones......assuming that it is probably business related??

    As far as comparing Mc Donalds with UPS pay---Mc D's is a real p/t scenario--no benefits...unless you get free burgers and fries??
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    Blue Label,P300's,tear off out notices, Fir call tags,real Bomber jackets,PM cash turn in clerks, micro brakes, release numbers, 50 liners, The Big Idea, next day air delivered before noon.
    I'm sure there are many I left out.
    But what the heck, our minds are mush after all these years.
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    I used to really enjoy reading the Big Idea. In our area it was full of news about new babies, weddings and a bunch of local news about our local people.
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    I remember when I got home before 8pm.
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    Are you on vacation?
    Or are you multi-tasking with your internet PDA?
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    I also remember when the stock would go up after each quarterly meeting, or bi-annual meeting before that.
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    Me too feederdude! One hand on the wheel, one on the laptop, one on the DIAD....
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    Mc D's is a real p/t scenario--no benefits...unless you get free burgers and fries??

    maybe so...but how many 20 year old's do you know that go to the doctor more than once a year. i've gone years without going to the doctor.
    Thier (UP$) always screwing up paychecks

    funny you mentioned that, my paycheck was screwed up last week and the previous 2 weeks. Is this just concentrated to a certain area or is everyone seeing payroll problems}
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    over9five and speeddemon,
    You guys are my hero's.
    Don't forget to scan every package too.
    I could hardly manage to hang on to my clipboard most of the time.
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    The T.L.A.where the sup buys brekkie and you get to say what you think.Its the "A" part that never seemed to materialize.
    Turning in the IZ barcode labels before we had our handy little digital information acquisition devices.Feeling appreciated...hang on,no that never happened,except for the Dale Jarrett beer glass.