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  1. brownsyr

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    just wondering, with the cameras in the package cars have the accidents from backing up declined any?
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    I saw an increase in hitting overheads when backing. Everyone thought that the camera saw all, when in fact it looked down. Drivers relied on the camera and stopped checking visually.

    my personal favorite was when they put those mirrors on the back of the package cars to reduce accidents. Everytime someone broke one of the mirrors, it was counted as an accident. In the end, backing accidents showed an increase - go figure.
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    Speaking from 1st hand experience, I just recently loss my 7 years of safe driving by backing into a billboard
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    i did not think they would work. never had to use one as i retired just as they were going on the cars.
  6. dannyboy

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    For the most part, they were placed on the cars to settle several lawsuits where we backed over small children. To the best of my recolection there were three children that were killed by our drivers backing over them in an 18 month period.

    In these cases, a camera might have helped. In these cases, using the methods that are taught would for sure have prevented at least two if not all three.

    The cameras are an addition to mirror useage, not a replacement for mirrors.

    They also help some when it comes to backing into a dock as far as judging distance and angle.

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    I had a guy who used to get a dozen boxes of t-shirts every week, who lived at the very back of a small apartment complex. I got tired of lugging those heavy boxes 50 yards from the street, so I decided I would back the vehicle to his rear door. I maneuvered down the narrow alley between the buildings, then took the corner, bursting with pride in my ability to drive my truck. Unseen by me was a house drop electric line which someone had strung from their apartment to a garage in back of the buildings. Snap! There went my safe driving.
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    The cameras work great for hooking up pup trailers.
  9. proups

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    The cameras don't relieve the driver of checking the mirrors!
  10. ok2bclever

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    It really comes down to they are another useful tool, but they are not meant to be all the driver depends on and that is what has happened in a ton of backing accidents.

    Primarily with high stuff, overhangs, wires, etc.
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    The number of deaths due to backing accidents has declined, but I couldnt say whether the overall number of backing accidents has. Just remember " when in doubt, get out".
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    Send again, I thought you could not be charged for hitting a line. If you hit it it is not in zoning code. I had one when I started driving and I did not get charged.....But it was an actual line installed by a phone co not a drop cord. I guess they will charge you whenever possible. I got rearended at Christmas at a red light, and I had to laugh a muffled laugh when they asked me how I could have avoided it. (stayed home came to mind as it was about zero out) Well I saw it coming, I could have drove off the road as I had a good space cushion, but then I would have caused property damage. I dont know how else I could have avoided it. I did everything right and still got hit and they hate that. The last accident I had was when I was yakking at another driver in the pouring rain at the gas pump, and I drove off with the hose. Lost my ten year over that idiotic acccident.
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    Its always the drivers fault. Ive been doing this for 17 years now, and its ALWAYS the drivers fault.
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    oh they will get you for anything. big brown does not want to give out those safe driving awards. ours use to sit in the office for months and when the sup felt like giving it you he would just hand it to you just before you went home some nite.
  15. ok2bclever

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    tooner, so if you hit a customer or government's property and it isn't an accident by definition it's on purpose?

    You are charged for them here under the "could of been a kid" philosophy.

    Hey, kids can climb.

    Many, many times it isn't the driver's fault, but if there was any way to avoid it, anyway at all the driver will be charged for it.

    Some places it's almost a rubber stamp.

    If you get involved in an backing or intersection accident, even with a meteor you will probably get charged.
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    Yes I guess I would do it on purpose rather than call it an accident. Now I would look for those things, when you are a newbie, you dont notice those things as much. Trust me I see everything now.
    We just got back from a 3500 mile trip in 10 days driving, and I didnt drive a lick. My poor husband is deeply medicated now since we got home as I have been instructing him how to drive every one of those 3500 miles....poor guy
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    Oh yeah, I have to tell you all. My husband was warning me about how long my new truck is and how I have to be careful backing up, hehe, haha.
    As he was giving me my driver instuction in this "truck that was soooooo long",( maybe 20 ft).....he backed over a parking meter, I havent heard much since. Moral of the story is if in doubt get out.....and get a camera.
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    You musta about fell out laughing!
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    Great, I didnt want to have to start a new thread. Advice to new members, if your thinking about starting a new thread go to search(located on top row), then type in your topic and see if it has been posted before. Keeps repetition down of threads, thanks ( : Now, back to subject. In our center every morning they go over the accidents and injury reports of the district. I assume this is a common practice in a lot of centers. Well, today(monday) my center manager said, we had 3 backing accidents on friday. He told us that he had been instructed to list ALL backing accidents as tier 3 from now on. In a Tier 3 accident the driver is immediately pulled off the car that is on area. Basically, I told my sup you treat it like a on area haz mat spill. Secure vehicle, leave vehicle, and then call sup to come and investigate. Ok, after that they bring you back to the center and put you on speaker phone(center manager and you in office) and I assume the district or higher up mjr with a safet guy drills you on all the safety quiestions, ex. 5 seeing habits,10 pt comp, etc etc.

    Drivers that have had a tier 3, are usually terminated, then in time get their job back(thanks to the teamsters ( ; ) I believe this is going a little overboard. Let me explain, I told my sup this, lets say I played a little bumper tag(not intentional) against a tree and put a dent on my bumper Im on a rural route and this would have happened on the farthest end of my route. center manager, your telling me that I should call you and wait while you come out to investigate, and then take me back to the center(so you can drill me)and by the way who s going to finish my route, ? a sup? or you just have a spare driver in your pocket. If that happens Ill hit them with a big fat grievence. Go ahead Buddy, Terminate me on a minor backing accident, then Ill make you pay . Also, let me hit you with a few heavy weights, way out on the end of my route(call and ask for help), remember SAFETY FIRST. Dont take any chances. Ps upsdude your from va, have they done this at your center, all backing, tier 3,regardless, ) :
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    For safety reason can I refuse to drive a truck with a non-working camera.