bad address clerks: an endangered species?

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    it seems like the clerk operations in my building are tightening up: start times are being changed, jobs being consolidated/eliminated, and the layoff list is cutting 10 years deep. what's it like elsewhere?

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    They have to dedicate one person to do this all day because bad addy's don't correct themselves.


    Our building only has two clerks and they got all the overtime cut 8 hours and out....
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    Actually they do now. When we log NSN or NSS soon after we get a message on diad for the correct addy to be redelivered that day. :happy-very:
  5. Baba gounj

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    we have that upgrade too.
    But our pm clerks are so bad they just postcard everything, can't really blame them no one actually showed them how to do the job properly .
    I've been going thru every load sent to the customer counter and making what changes that I could. As for that upgrade I was told when I had a few free minutes everyday to scan thru the driver's list and make corrections. It always seems to be the same ones everyday.
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    Do you work in the same center as me? Seriously, that describes our AC clerks to a T. When I was on TAW, I worked the post card room and found correct address for 10-15 per day. Some were the same addy the companies had used for years, others were repeats that the driver knew full well where they were located on their route and still wouldn't deliver them.
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    Updates to the e2dc program has made clerking easy as hell.This is why clerks will be cut,i work in a big hub with 4 centers and from what i understand soon there will be only 3 clerks per center.One new thing they are doing is having two clerks in the day for all 4 centers do address corrections from tracking numbers in diad to match drivers exc. then when the driver brings in the package you just scan it and f10 your done.I have already clerked packages like this.
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    Do you guys do address corrections and then send ODS to drivers with the corrected info so that they can redeliver the same day?
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    Under the new upgrade, if the new address is on the driver's route then yes, sometimes { as always somethings never function properly within our company }.
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    We are experiencing this as well, its wierd to sheet a package in your board as need apartment and a couple of hours later get an ods with the right apartment #. This technology that exists now is pretty remarkable, and unfortunately clerks will soon go the way as carwash, body shop and soon on road sups.
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    I would think that address clerks that are bad should be an endangered species.
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    I was told by a counter clerk, I saw at the gym this morning, that this was happening. She said that her job now consisted of look ups which get sent right back to the driver with the correct address. Doesn't leave much for the night clerk to do unless she wants to unload pkg cars or load feeders.
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    No not yet anyway, is this going on in your building?
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    Darn ,we still have these jobs here. { 0215 }
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    What I want to know is this new system verifying the corrections before the change is made, that's one of the biggest problems we have with clerks now. They AC pkgs to anything that's close in name, pay no attention to if it's really correct.
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    Sure some clerks just suck but most drivers dont understand what clerks are told to do,like me my sup tells us they dont want anything postcarded anymore.Probably the one that gets drivers ticked off the most is nsn,if the address matchs in the system we have to send it back out to the same address,but funny how most of those never come back again.Most nsn packages are good the driver just didnt want to deliver,which is fine i could care less just tell me hey i didnt have time to deliver this so i dont have to waste my time looking it point is this as clerks we can only go by the address in the system,if you bring in one that says no such apt no. and i find another apt no. for that name at that address i have to correct it to that,but could be some one else with the same name who knows.another thing that happens now is the pm clerk will postcard something and then the next day the am clerk will be told by his sup to send them all back out because they have to many postcards.Center managment does not want these packages sitting in the building anymore.they want them in rotation no matter if they are right or not,ups logic.
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    has there been a noticeable increase in the amount of misdelivered packages since this system has been implemented?