Bad Weather Work Stoppage



Today I was a driver's helper and the weather in this part of the country is real bad right now. The roads were covered with ice and snow and the roads are getting worse as I'm sitting here typing this. The driver I helped told me of a Fed Ex driver he talked to before I had met him today and he had told him that Fed Ex had called all of their drivers back in since the roads were getting bad. Anyone ever heard of such a thing happening at UPS or Fed Ex before?


I guess I'll find out in the morning! LOL!

I would rather go out and finish what I can. The flow of packages isn't going to let up any time soon.

In my 15 years it has always been a "use your best judgement" situation.


I've seen my building send out drivers in a hurricane!

Yes the packages will still be there, but what if
some one get's hurt or killed?


I also worked as a drivers helper today and we were talking about the bad weather that is predicted tomorrow. He said the truck is bad to drive in the snow. The roads we go on are mountain roads and needless to say they will be slippery. Obviously, if the roads are bad then it will take longer to deliver. You just have to hope that the volume wasn't as heavy as it was the other day.


At 1 pm they sent us messages to be back in the building by 530. Make P/U as we went and leave notes on drop boxes stating they had been P/U. Lot of drivers went in, several of us that have been there longer stayed out. Got 12.3 hours in today, and took a full lunch. I got clean, I just hate to have send agains from the day before.



Send the weather to the Northwest. We need it. None of the ski resorts are open, except the cheaters with snow making equipment. Even worse the fishing will be bad next year if we don't get any rain/snow now.

Last year we had bad weather here. We were delivering/picking up, while the "friend" company called it quits early. Many people were impressed with us. Many customers who shipped with the "other company" shipped with us that day.
Heck of an impression