Badly bitten by dog while getting signature from owner...

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  1. WyoBrown

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    The bite required an ER visit, sutures and a week off work. The owner showed NO sign of concern after the incident. I'm considering taking legal action as I'm tired of being a chew toy while performing service that these irresponsible dog owners have requested. Have any of you had a similar experience and if so, any flack from UPS if personal injury claim was filed?
  2. dilligaf

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    You should pursue legal action. Have you reported the animal and the owners to local law enforcement? They should have the dog under a 10 day quarantine. Has management put the address on a no deliver? They can. We have a few that are will call only because of dogs. We had a driver that was attacked by a dog, seriously. UPS was completely supportive of the legal action.
  3. WyoBrown

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    Management was out there is a flash...getting info from the owner but unfortunately, they didnt report the dog to the authorities. Mgmt did request vaccination certification...and I reported the animal later when I found out mgmt didnt. I like the no deliver option...its going to get awkward if I take legal action.
  4. dilligaf

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    Mgt should have reported it immediately. They were wrong not to. It is good that you did and I would follow up with it and make sure that animal control is involved. Most states have a mandatory 10 day quarantine for bites. Push the 'will call' for that residence until the animal is gone. Check with animal control and see if there have been any other incidences with this dog. In AZ, the minimum settlement is 3K. Go for lost wages, pain and suffering.

    This past week our mgt brought in animal control to do a presentation. Recently a dog went after one of our drivers. Turns out that animal control has had numerous complaints on this dog. They finally got a court order to remove the dog and have it destroyed as vicious.
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    The animal presentation is a great idea for us as we have alot of rural routes with "run free" dogs. The dog I dealt with had previous issues with UPS drivers as mentioned by the owner to my manager. I was making a final attempt on sig required so they knew I would be there after 5pm. While standing at the door with owner, the dog stalked me from behind, making no sound. He ripped the front of my calf open...and all the owner could say was "poor rodeo" after I kicked the dog when he let go of my leg. I think we need a presentation for how to handle "stupid people and their dogs", animal control needs to branch out :)
  6. dilligaf

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    Go after them, regardless of what UPS says. You are well within your right. If mgt gives you a hard time about it then go after them as well, for not providing you a safe work environment. That is contractual and federal.

    One of the women drivers here (mentioned early) was seriously attacked. She is absolutely terrified of dogs because of the trauma.
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    You should have kicked the owner, dogs are only as mean as the owners make them.
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    I agree, but I was attacked once, I take no chances. Use your judgement if you do not feel safe, especially when a door pulls inside instead of one you can kick shut, with or without a residents arm sticking out, I just call it not in dog. If someone owns an animal, it should not be at the door when it is answered. If they let the dogs stampede the door because they are afraid who is at it, they need to not order, or pick up at building. Aint going there.

    We havent developed at our puny center enough to put flags in the board, except for signatures, and special notes. You know stuff for the benefit of the customer and company, not the safety of the driver. You are on your own Bud. Sue, who cares what UPS thinks, its your life, and it WILL affect you in the future, and makes your job harder. The owner deserves it, hes not responsible.

    Before the incident a dog running up to me was a chance to pet another dog. Never had a fear. Dogs can sense fear. And it makes them uneasy.
    For quite some time, the sound of my own keys, or a collar shaking coming around from the back of the house, would make me terrified. After 10 yrs and 3 large dogs, Im better, but its not something you easily forget.
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    You might check the regulations for the county you were delivering in, some don't have vicious dog ordinances. So as far as the dog being removed and put down, you may be out of luck. As sad as it is for the dog, it is sometimes necessary.

    I would pursue legal action against this owner. They knew you were coming, that thier dog is aggresssive and did nothing to prevent it from attacking you. They could have at least warned you that to watch out for the dog or met you at the truck. The absolute stupidity of some people amaze me.

    Managenment should mark this address as will call only. No need to ever put someone else in danger.

    Hope you heal up well.
  10. Jones

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    In Virginia all dog bites must be reported by law, if you get treated for a dog bite at the ER the medical staff are required to report it to animal control. Dogs get once chance here, if they get reported a second time they get the needle.
  11. dilligaf

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    Except for the second chance thing, everything else you said is the same here.
  12. jimstud

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    just sue
  13. soberups

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    I'm not normally one to advocate frivolous lawsuits, but this dog owner was clearly negligent and it sounds like you got chewed up pretty good. You should file a lawsuit for pain and suffering. Bear in mind that UPS's workmans comp carrier is also free to sue the owner to recover the medical expenses it paid out on your behalf for the ER visit.

    You said you were off work for a week; does that mean you were on TAW, or did you actually miss out on a weeks wages? Unless I'm missing something, your injury should have been covered under workmans comp. In my building, you would have been on TAW and guranteed your average number of daily hours.

    I am a hardcore dog lover; but I am also of the firm belief that, unless provoked, any dog that bites a person needs to be euthanized.
  14. Coldworld

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    this is just a bit off topic, but what would happen if a driver was killed in the line of duty, clearly the other vehicles fault...lets say a garbage truck. Would ups sue the garbage company on behalf of the drivers widow, since they were on duty or am I totally off base here....or would insurance cover it all. Does ups have insurance on the drivers?????just curious although a bit sad to have to ponder....
  15. dilligaf

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    I agree with you Sober. I have had a dog put down because he bit. I will not tolerate that behavior.
  16. Raw

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    When bitten by a dog, call UPS then call police and report it. Then ask owner for his home owner insurance company name and policy number. Then if skin is broken go to ER immediatly as dog bites infect you, you will need a tetnis shot. Here in florida when a dog bite is reported to police the dog must go in quarentine for 10 days. When waiting in ER call a lawyer and give the home owners home insurance info to them and they will contact the company and the insurance company will cut a check to you for what you are suing for, usually between $1,000 - $5,0000 then more depending on how serious. I did it years ago and nothing was said to me from UPS.
  17. UPSGUY72

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    Take pictures of the bite mark right away then I would call a lawyer this is an open and shut case. A driver I knew got bit and a couple of months later he was talking to a lawyer he delivers to about it and he got like a 3 or 4 grand after the lawyer was paid.

    IF you do nothing this dog is going bite someone else next time maybe a child. Buy taking legal acton you might find that this dog will not be biting anyone else ever.
  18. soberups

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    UPS would sue the garbage company for the loss of the package car. Since the company is also contractually required to transport the body of the deceased to a local funeral home, it could sue for those expenses also.

    It would be up to the widow to sue for damages due to lost wages, loss of companionship, emotional distress etc. To my knowledge, the company does not carry any sort of life insurance on behalf of the drivers; however my Union Local 162 does provide $25,000 of free life insurance to its members and I believe it pays double in the event of an accidental death. Other locals may or may not offer similar benefits.
  19. dilligaf

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    My Local 104 does as well.
  20. moreluck

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    people with a dog that bites always lose in court!