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I’m pretty sure UPS enforcing the “no sculpt” is making guys look worse instead of just legalizing the beard.
It's a type of payback.

Their thinking is that since they were forced to allow us to have beards, through the medical and religious waiver, that they will not allow us to have the beard look the way we may want it to look.


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Yes, you can drink as long as you’re not sauced on the job. Pretty sure every occupation currently available has the same rule. As far as marijuana goes, we all know UPS doesn’t drug test you guys unless you are involved in an accident and once again, every job will drug test you after an accident. Of course they randomly test us in feeders but that’s only because that is required by DOT. It’s not Ups’ rule.
Not in the S*hole state of CT. See below...

Gotta love a state that has a law stating you can't drug test someone after an accident! (In my day job, we have an office in Connecticut and anytime a technician hurts themselves or gets in an auto accident, we can not send them for a post-accident drug test.)
On a side note, women can now go topless just like the men in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, and Oklahoma. So pretty soon I'm sure the courts will allow women to have beards as well but until then. Enjoy your beards and titties.


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Many a night we closed the bar and then continued drinking at a nearby park.
Would drive to NEMPLS Hub and sleep in the parking lot until start time.
When Maple Grove opened we would drink in the gravel pit next door until it was fenced off and we couldn't get in.
By then I wasn't drinking every night after work. Only once or twice for old times sake.

Being half drunk was the norm in the 80s
We had a guy who at least twice a week would shut the bars down and drive to the UPS building to spend the night sleeping on a pile of dirty UPS clothes. Back then we all had a key to the building. That dude had a problem --- but he did it for years. At least he kept a toothbrush and sometime even some clean clothes in his locker.


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UPS has every right to dictate personal appearance standards.
Yes they do. I agree on that end. However they are doing themselves a disservice. Medical waivers for beards and not allowing basic neck line sculpting is just making themselves look stupid. Ingrown hairs isn't the only problem. Eczema for some people only grows around their mouth and chin. Why would you actually WANT your employee to look like a piece of :censored2: when you could just be done with all of the BS and allow beards with trimming standards in place. If they allowed all employees to have beards, and then institute neck line and trimming to 1/4" length, you would actually have professional looking bearded drivers. Enforcing a ragged ass neck beard is just silly and unprofessional.