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    Hey all I was just wondering about becoming a "metro" delivery driver. I spoke with a few of my friends and they say that it requires you to have worked at the warehouse for a few years prior? Also long term I would like to get into hauling those doubles around on a tractor-trailer, but again heard that I had to do the metro driving first. I was just wondering if any vets had insight about the REAL way to move up with brown or if that was the jist of it. Also I have a Class A and have been hauling hazmat and already have my doubles/triples endorsement.

    Anything helps!! Thanks :wink2:
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    It depends on your location. But in most location you are years (5-10) away from getting a drivers position and it could be more then 20 years before you got a Ty opportunity.
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    I've been driving for 25 years and I'm still nowhere close to the top of the feeder list when it does come up(which is very rarely).
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    Read around a little bit. 2 people have asked the same question in the past 2 days. Pretty sure their threads are still on page 1.
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    depends on where you are. good luck.
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    Its an American tradition! Are you suggesting we act.... .... UN-american
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    I will try to be a little helpful

    Go to ups freight and try to get a job