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  1. package guy

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    How long do you have to be in the company to become a p/t sup (I'm a loader right now)?

    What do you have to do to be considered?
  2. 22.34life

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    you can be promoted during your first month at be considered you need to speak to your sort manager and he will have you write a letter to the division manager.a couple of interviews and a test or more of a psycoligical profile and you will be in.
  3. Richard Harrow

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    About 52 seconds.
  4. p/t sup

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    I went and found my user name and password just to post to this. If you haven't been with ups that long, you might want to wait a little while and think about what you would be doing. While there is some short-term financial gain; if you are willing to wait a couple years you would be making the same amount of money as an hourly. And chances are you would be a lot happier. The only reason to be a pt sup at ups is if you take to money, use the college reimbursement, and get out . If some of the financial intensives for making goals returned, it might be worth it. Right now, you can work hard, make goals, do you job, and if you somehow run you operation clean, then, you must have to many people and you staffing gets cut.
  5. p/t sup

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    sorry for the grammar errors... My pt job took 9 hours last night and I'm not sure I have recovered from the heat.
  6. Loufan

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    I've seen people promoted after just 6 months of being a loader. I don't think you really have to do anything special to be considered. I've seen some of the worst loaders get promoted and I've seen the best just ignored. I would say get to know a lot of people.
  7. package guy

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    Thanks for the responses, I've been a loader for 7 weeks and am just in it for the college money and until I graduate (3 more years) which is why I'm looking for more money.
  8. KingofBrown

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    If you want to be considered for a position in management, start harassing people; grab packages delaying the whole process; buy breakfast or lunch to the center manager, and tell him/her his/her life’s perfect; if you’re in a small hub don’t ever turn the belt off, even if it’s jammed by an employee’s arm; if you’re in a large hub stand next by a union employee and stare at him/her for about 52 minutes; don’t ever read Article 37… no, instead don’t ever read the contracts; pretend you’re friends with the union guys (optional*). There are several others for a p/sup. If you want to make it to the major leagues, there are a few more you’d have to learn.:peaceful:
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Many colleges offer work study as part of their financial aid package.
  10. package guy

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    Yeah I may be doing a little bit of that too. The thing is, our p/t sups come in at the same time as everyone else and don't even stay much longer than us, sometimes no longer. So they're working the same 20 hours as us loaders but getting paid for 27.5 at a higher hourly wage, not sure what that is exactly.


    Package Guy, you obviously have no clue! I have Been a P.T. Sup. for a few years now and believe me when I say unless you are buddies with the center Manager or someone Higher and you want to be a Full time driver you better stay hourly and wait your turn, I cant tell you how much of a big mistake it was becoming Supervisor and the verbal abuse and mindgames that are played were truly not worth it, financially it helped me, benefits are the worst they have been in years, it has gotten so expensive for the insurance that i cant even afford it for me or family, but if your good at kissing up and dont mind having your sole sucked away from you then go for it and forever be in misery until you quit or get fired.
  12. package guy

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    What is so horrible about this position? Everyone is saying it sucks but no reasons are really given. I only plan on staying with the company for about 2.5 years, don't plan on becoming a driver or anything like that. From my standpoint, it looks like they get paid for 7 hours more than they work per week, of that 20 hours they're at the hub, half of it is spent either texting or talking on their phones, and they really don't do any real work.


    If thats the case go for it, where i am held as accountable for My Sort as A full timer and when things go wrong it is on you, the problem is you get dumped on, unless you work for another ups, the ups I know is ruthless and gutless!
  14. stevetheupsguy

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    Look, it's just like deciding to get a tatto or have an abortion. Not everyone is going to agree with you, and then again, do you really need this advice to do what you think is best? Will you really make it to full time driver in 2.5 years? Are you even interested in remaining an hourly up until and beyond the 2.5 years? Will becoming a part time supe help you in achieving your life goal? Will it help you pay for schooling and put you in a better position for, yourself? Think about these things and make your decision.

    Let us know what you've decided and keep us up to date. I, for one, would love to hear a happy ending.