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    Trolls. My god I can't believe the internet trolls that reside on this board. Check the definition Urban Dictionary: troll
    Seems like a lot of people here like to incite the riot. Last time I checked there were like 300,000+ people working for UPS. On here you only hear the opinion from less than 1% of them. What about the other 99%?

    If you don't like the company everyone is free to leave. We aren't indentured servants to the company, but you may be an indentured servant to poor finances and therefore your job and thats your own fault.

    There are lots of good people, management included at UPS doing good things, lending a hand, soving problems, making you laugh. But face it folks, its work, we are paid to do it. If it was fun and easy then no one would get paid. Your hapiness/unhapiness starts and ends with YOU. Its what you make of whatever the situation is.

    Bottom line from this post is "Lighten Up Francis" for those of you familiar with the movie "Stripes"

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    Are you a new employee with UPS? Sounds like you are pretty gung ho to me, thats good, I was that way for the first little bit too, it fades pretty quick though.
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    4 years, so a young vet I guess
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    You're still wet behind the ears. So when you have been there a little bit longer,your opinion will change. How old are you? What is your job? I all affects your opinion.
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    28 and a .............. part time sup. OMS actually :w00t:
  7. I agree with both sides of this argument...I worked for UPS for 14 years until I resigned from my business manager position in April.

    The vets are right...UPS is a terrible place to work at the moment. It used to be different, until upper management got greedy and went public. Now the company makes decisions based on how the decisions will affect the stock price. It's true; there are thousands of good, no great, people at UPS. Unfortunately, upper management is forcing most of those good people to be jerks in the name of production and cost savings.

    The rookie is also right...if you don't like UPS then leave. Life's too short to deal with the 60 hour weeks. The money is good, but money is not everything. I'm living proof that there is life after UPS. I took advantage of their tuition reimbursement program, got my MBA and got the heck out of there. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you folks that I left behind in the dungeon.

    My suggestion is to start saving your money right now. Start preparing for the inevitable downfall of a company that is so hell bent on saving a dime that it would sacrifice every employee it has to keep the stock price up.
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    So, you answer the phone. What would we do without OMS?
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    Ouch! Tough crowd tonight...
  10. VoiceOfReason,

    Keep your good attitude -- it'll get you through the normal days, it'll help you cope with a moderate day, and it'll make you stupid on a bad day.

    I am glad you like your job.

    I like my job for about 1/2 of the 16 years I worked for UPS. I remember I used to embarrass myself at family get-togethers, with friends, etc -- talking about UPS being so rich, so powerful, so great.

    Somewhere along the way, I began to talk about how backward, how mean-spirited, how obtuse UPS had become.

    The truth is, you know UPS from it early Public-days to present. You never really knew the UPS that FormerBrownBlood and I -- and hundreds of thousands of others knew.

    UPS is a shadow of its former self. It is a new UPS. Almost no one that I started with is still there -- I'm not talking about a couple of people leaving -- not even a couple of dozen -- I think that a hundred or more have left in the last couple of years. Talking to old-timer UPSers, they say that only a couple of people left in a decade during their time.

    Good luck, and keep the good attitude.

    Oh, and by the way, when you preach, know your scripture. We all love the born-again, yet, we all know quick they are to fall when their faith is tested. You haven't had Brown deal you a blow, yet. Curse Brown!
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    This is so funny! Some 4 year pup telling us how good it is here!!!! Hahahahhaha!!!!!
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    Yes I answer a lot of phone calls, I also arrange help for you 9.5ers and am the comic relief on the ODS messages for my people. You guys must not have expierienced a good OMS if you think its a silly position.

    I'll be sure to post an update at Brown Cafe in about 12 more years when I am a bitter middle aged man who wants something for free. :laugh:
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    Noone is saying that an OMS is without value at UPS. But I think if you drove for about 10 years or worked parttime for 10 years, your opinions might be a tad different. Yes, we earn a good wage, but UPS isn't losing any money off us either. We just want it to be better for both sides.
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    There are some interesting posts here. For quite some time now I've been thinking that UPS has changed. For the most part, I convinced myself that maybe it's just my attitude that has changed and not UPS. (21 year vet) It's interesting to know that I'm not the only one that's noticed. It seems to me that management just doesn't give a damn about anything anymore including and especially customer service. It's as though they are no longer allowed to make their own decisions or to take any initiative, they're just following a strict regimen mandated from somewhere above.
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    No,we had a great OMS(god love ya CDT).But it got to the point where he couldn't help us because there wasn't any flexibility in the planned day.
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    I have about 5 months of driving under my belt. I'm not clueless about it. I drove for a whole summer and all last peak, I curse myself for not staying in the hub because now I can see both sides of the struggle and I actually prefer only a truck full of problems (even if its 200 blind stops) than an entire center full of problems.

    I sowed my own oats by selling out to the management ranks early on. I just graduated college and now I'm finally in position to start cutting throats to secure a full time spot for myself, where I could be a driver by now had I stayed in the hub. My part-time seniority number would be 18 had I stayed.

    Anyways I'm glad to be here and share/contribute to this brown sub-community. Stay tuned, I'll be expressing plenty of opinion around here since I'm a part-timer with no more school to suck up my time.
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    We have an OMS who always says she was a driver. Found out later she drove airs on Saturday. One summer can't begin to to lay a foundation as a driver. I worked my tail off at first, skipped break, ran, etc only to have management keep adding more and more work. Finally had to slow down, take breaks, and file 9.5 grievances. Boy did management change their strips. I was told I was lazy, didn't do my job right, and that I was a bad christian (long story). I just kept asking for a ride along so management could show we how to improve. They never did do it, and they moved along to the next poor slob they could abuse. Its amazing what happens when you put the ball in their court. If my numbers aren't good and a sup is riding me, I just ask them to run my route and I'll see how they do it. I've never had one take me up on it, because they know the numbers are screwed and they can't do it better than me. It's sad, but the only way you can protect yourself from management is to be a bit of a jerk. I'm not that way at home, but at work I am.

    Like this week. Put in for an 8 hour last Thursday, approved last Friday and then Monday they try to deny it. I say no way. They say sorry, but it was full. I say too bad and I'm filing a grievance and I called the union business agent too. They say never mind we'll work it out.

    I've been around for 16 years (13 driving) and I would never go into management. I've seen too many have nervous break downs, heart attacks, alcoholics, fired for dishonesty and it goes on and on. The majority of supervisors I've had over the last 16 years have quit, been fired, had break downs, or took the buy out a few years ago. Very few make it more than 10 years.
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    5 Months of driving under my belt, wow am I impressed.

    Are they promising you the big weeny, or what? A college graduate and promoted to OMS, also impressing.

    I like my OMS 's but you can tell they do not have a clue when they are omsing at 930, when I just left the building about some idiots phone and telling me what time I need to be there by.
    Thats why I say I like the old sups, they know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, brown67 says it best

    "I've been around for 16 years (13 driving) and I would never go into management. I've seen too many have nervous break downs, heart attacks, alcoholics, fired for dishonesty and it goes on and on. The majority of supervisors I've had over the last 16 years have quit, been fired, had break downs, or took the buy out a few years ago. Very few make it more than 10 years."

    I loved it when I felt like you do. I did not ruin that feeling, it was sucked out of me.

    PS I was in pt mgmt, before OMS, before computers for that matter, before the class action suits. I had a chance to advance, still do, wouldnt do it for all the money in the world. But good luck to you. Ill be looking forward to meeting someone who already has plans to cut our throats. Its refreshing you tell us up front.
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    Voice of ummmm Reason,

    The more I thought about your posts I think maybe you are right. Those of us with well over a decade or two shouldnt be concerned about the company we put so much blood, sweat and tears into. Dont talk about the problems, keep 'em held wayyyy down. Dont worry about losing market share, they'll always need us. Dont be so upset that the great brown shield has lost a little luster.
    We need to come in every day and have a big group hug, yeah thats it, and we can all join hands and sing a happy song. Forget the quotes from STRIPES, lets go back a little to ANIMAL HOUSE..."all is well, remain calm".
    Maybe someday you'll get a chance to hump a P1000 full to the top. If you do, seeing habit #2 is GET THE BIG PICTURE. Please before you post go see the big picture before you lecture. The real world battlefield isnt holding a phone.