being forced to do "skilled" work without raise?...

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    About 5-6 workers (myself included), have been sorting, and doing bulk (which also requires that one know the sort), for many months, but haven't received the raise. The manager says that we need to pass the sort test (despite doing the work everyday unsupervised, and satisfactorily, or better), but we have to chase, and plead, and nag to get a chance to take it. Then they make it even harder to pass. One guy who managed to pass it four months ago has still not received his raise.

    I WANT to go back to an "unskilled" position, so
    can they force me to perform "skilled labor" without giving me the raise?
    also, do you think that this is grievance worthy? I have spoken with several different stewards, and all of them tell me something completely different. Any help appreciated.
  2. Big Babooba

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    File a grievance
  3. blue efficacy

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    Just take the damn test, and pass it on your own time. That's what I had to do before bidding on a "skilled" position.

    Or put your name on the preferred jobs bid list for an "unskilled" job.
  4. Fnix

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    At least your hub considers those skilled jobs. We dont sort by zipcode and PAS has eliminated loading as a skilled job also.
  5. blue efficacy

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    File a grievance. The national master agreement says "Preloader/Sorter" receives the extra $1, it says nothing about having to know zip codes or whatever. If you're a part time, preloading or sorting, you should have that dollar.
  6. Fnix

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    What about irreg train driver?
  7. our loaders get the 9.50 an hour rate and we have PAS, I'd definitely get with your union as thats pretty fishy...however the SPA personnel do not here, not sure how that is everywhere else.
  8. blue efficacy

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    Technically we're considered "Irreg Sorters."
  9. LKLND3380

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    If you do "skilled work" for more than 30 minutes... YOU ARE PAID THE SKILLED RATE FOR THE ENTIRE DAY WORKED...

    So if you are on the sort aisle for 30 minutes and then work three hours doing unskilled work. You are paid for the whole time at skilled rate...

    You are due back pay... It does not matter that you took the test or not... YOU WERE WORKING AS DIRECTED... THE SUPE KNEW THEY WERE PUTTING YOU IN A SKILLED POSITION...
  10. LKLND3380

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  11. Fnix

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    Ok so if I've been at UPS for a little over a year and do irreg, sort and load then how much should I be making?
  12. LKLND3380

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    What did they start you at 8.50?

    I think (been too long) you get a .50 raise after 30 days? So 9.00 and then add your 1.00 for skilled... 10.00 and then your .50 yearly raise = 10.50
  13. dunderchief

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    LKLND 3380 is right. Preload positions stills get skilled pay, PAS or no PAS. He is also right that if you perform skilled work for 30 minutes you deserve skilled pay for the entire shift, whether you are qualified or not.
  14. RedThunder

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    In our center, since PAS came in earlier this year, preload positions are unskilled and any new hires are starting at $8.50. If you were there before then you stay at $9.50. Is this not correct?
  15. it doesn't even say preloader is a skilled position it just lists that preloaders and sorters get an extra dollar an hour (least in the copy of the agreement I have). There is no debate if you load the brownies you get the extra dollar PAS or not.
  16. Fnix

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    Trying to figure how a guy thats been with UPS for 10 years makes $17.25 p/t

    In 10 years i'll make $15.50 including all sort and load
  17. kranepool69

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    Does anyone know what a Grade 05 job is and what it pays in NJ?
  18. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I don't have my contract book handy but I think it says that anyone that performs skilled work for an hour and a half (1.5 hours) shall get skilled pay for all hours worked.
  19. supercool

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    Exactly. At my building it's an hour of skilled work to get the extra $1 for the rest of the day, I think, but if you're doing it for whatever amount of time you should be getting that extra dollar for doing it. I sense backpay in your future.
  20. LKLND3380

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    What "contract" was this guy under 10 years ago and what "contract" did you come in under?