Being the Go-To-Guy at UPS Misconception

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Ramned, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Ramned

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    I've noticed alot of people advising new hires to AVOID being the go-to-guy on the belt. They say that being the go-to-guy will lead to you being "driven into the ground" and STOP your progress to being promoted because your supervisor will want to keep you doing what you do best, leaving you to miss tons of opportunity.

    Personally, I am more optimistic of giving it your all day in and day out. The problem is, I can't ignore the fact that I have been seeing hard workers being left behind to continue working while others are getting easier lines of work for more pay (more opportunity) It even happened to me! Someone with less PPH, load quality and more misloads frequency than me got to take a pickoff test for a dollar raise in front of me...and he had less seniority. My supe, when I confronted him, said it was because I'm a good loader!

    If UPS actively restrains good workers like this, how can you be motivated to work hard? Heck, I don't see how UPS can maintain good production if this mindset is prevalent in other facilities. From what I've seen I'm not the only 'go-to-guy' whose gotten SOL'd. Took me another month AND a new supervisor who would actually go out of his way to let me take that sort test.
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    what you are describing is, unfortunately, all too common. Sounds like you are the victim of a weak management team. They are elated that you put forth the effort every day, take pride in your work and produce good results. They however, do not have the stones to hold the other people in your opperation accountable to also put forth the effort and produce good results.
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    That happens to drivers as well. Drivers who hustle and do the work are given 10 hour planned days, not a pat on the back and a hearty, "Well done." Those who don't hustle, are given 6 or 7 hour planned days. In this company, hustle is not rewarded. It just brings you more work.
  4. chestermechanic

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    punished for being good I have seen this for 24 years the more you do the more they give you to do :sick:
  5. over9five

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    Well they have to give that work to somebody. The slackers aren't going to do it.

    So who's the smart people? The slackers who won't do the extra work, or the good workers whos reward is more work?
  6. Covemastah

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    The problem you also face is the fact that once you set the bar for a good days production,it will never be rewarded,just expected!! Believe me,& don't take this the wrong way,but you can be replaced!! Once you move on to another easier better paying job,there are more like you that will come along to be their new "go/to guy'. Just maintain a steady pace,show up everyday work as directed & don't be a problem or get hurt!! You will move right along in your career..This is nothing new to these people,its all a game!
  7. brownIEman

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    it would appear that the slackers are the workers who posses smarts, but neither pride or self respect.
    The good workers aparantly posses no smarts but do have pride and self respect.

    This of course is under a weak mngmt team. Lord help the slackers who find themselves under a stronger management team. These folks generally wind up becoming the targets you hear so much about on these forums.
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    Slow and Steady gets the job done just as fast as fast and eratic, just with less crashes and injuries. PS BrownIEman do you weild a +2 Flametongue sword when fighting Ghouls and Harpies?
  9. brownIEman

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    reasonably quick and steady does it even better.

    PS ??????
  10. Mike23

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    Being the 'go to guy' today means being the supervisors b*$#@ a few years down the line. Do what you're told, do it the best you can but remember you're paid by the hour, not the package and not on salary.
  11. cino321

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    Just remember seniority is everything in this company.
  12. ladmeih

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    The harder you work the more work you'll do. Don't stand out by being too fast or too slow and you'll be much happier.
  13. Monkey Butt

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    the quality or state of being of average ability or value - Works for me. :wink2:
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  15. pickup

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    and yet it still hasn't fallen , has it?
  16. Monkey Butt

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    And it's a good place to drop bowling balls and fethrs from.
  17. Hedley_Lamarr

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    I'm a split driver and the "go to" guy in my center. Anytime they have a route that they need to send somebody blind on I'm the guy. Anytime they need somebody to help another driver I get the call. I don't really mind, I have about six months till top rate and need the o/t. Once I hit top rate I think I'll just remove myself from that list...
  18. 8up

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    saw this recently;
    "95 percent of people looking for work, quit doing so after getting a job".
    good gosh, i wonder how many of them folks got jobs here?
  19. ups1990

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    The only benefit of being the so called "go to guy" is you might get away from being disciplined from time to time. This is only perhaps, now I'm just saying perhaps.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ...20 years later and I am still waiting to be taken off of that list...:dissapointed: