Being told to help other loaders. Is this required?

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    I have been a pre-loader on the box line for 11 months. One of the most frustrating things about the job is being told to go help somebody else load their stack out or go help on the charge slide mid shift while I'm loading my trucks. It's not even that I don't want to help, but rather that when I get to where help is needed the loaders/sorters are being lazy/dancing around/telling sups the longer they watch them the slower they'll go. Meanwhile, cages are going by and I'm falling behind. I'm fine with helping when my work is done. All I would like to know is: Can I tell the pt sups I don't want to go help mid-shift? Am I required to go help the people who don't give a f***? Currently there is a loader at the end of the belt who is loading probably 70 pph and not handling irregs because he feels he has the seniority to get off the box line. Leaving hundreds of packages stacked out by 9am. If he isn't being fired for that, how could I be fired for saying I want to finish my work before helping? ty guys
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    Work As Directed (WAD)

    You will have to do as you're told as long as it's not unsafe. Yes you have to help and yes you'll be doing it your whole career at UPS. Better get used to it and suck it up.
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    Serves you right for meeting their numbers. Hit 65 pph
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    lol seems as though I may be able to avoid it if I'm the slowest loader. Send me help pleaaaase
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    you have to go slower
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    As a part time pre-loader, you do not have an area. They can have you pull a different cage every 15 minutes if they feel like it.
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    Start slowing down. Ups doesn't reward you with anything for being the fastest but more work and idk about you but I never wanted to so 2 areas for the price of one. That math don't add up to me.
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    Don’t be the slowest
    Be the next to slowest
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    Fair days work for fair days pay.

    It is not reasonable to be rushing and working too fast.

    It is reasonable to work at a steady “pace yourself “ kind of pace.

    The term “sense of urgency” is a farce it is a term that attempts to intimidate employees to rush and work at an unreasonable pace.

    Make these corrections in your behavior and thinking and your problem will surely be resolved.
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    Be the next least best.
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