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  1. I covered a bid drivers rural route the other day. Today I came in and looked at the statistics sheet that tells you how you did and was very shocked! I was 102 clicks under. So I was wondering how can that be? I followed the speed limit and tried to do most of the methods all day. Following methods I thought would slow you down making it impossible to scratch. Or could it be the fact that I didn't follow Orion and did it the most efficient way possible with cutting out all the unnecessary looping that are in UPS routes. I'm just asking because the bid driver gave me a crazy look. I told him i took my 1 hour break from 12:00 to 1 and took my paid 10min break. I just didn't know what to tell him.
  2. @Future is this you?
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    Why do you care ?
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    Congratulations on the extra work you will get every time you cover that route now!!
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  5. I do kinda care because posting numbers like that will over time give you a more loaded route. I got back at the building at 19:15 hrs. It was like 130 stops 186miles. I just dont want to blow up these bid drivers routes making them look bad and :censored2:.
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    Only one thing left to do, tell the regular driver he sucks and to hang it up.
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  7. I see lots of driver follow ups in the regular drivers @Future
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    I love being in the office when the young guys talk :censored2: about the bid driver. How he's slow and they don't know what he's doing out there all day.

    Then a few months later they are crying to the shop steward about how they always get so much work and can they tell them no they won't help lol
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  9. Idk I just be working with a real since of urgency while trying to master the art of delivering each stop the UPS methodized way. Sometimes I feel like a robot or something.
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    The route probably averages 20-30 miles or so less than what you drove.
  11. I dont remember the exact milage but i was not over
  12. PASinterference

    PASinterference Yes, I know I'm working late.

    I did 51 stops and 189 miles. Don't sit there and tell me you followed the methods and took your lunch. I bet you are one of the guys that codes out 30 mins lunch every time a customer speaks to you. I know the type. Welcome to higher stop counts. It's your time to shine, you rising star.
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  13. Nope i had 45 done by 12 that when i took the whole hr
  14. That day it was a bit high because i started in some resi neighborhoods . I normally do 30 to 35 on the route then take lunch.
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    Stop looking at the OR.
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  16. There are pockets in the route where stuff fly off. I normally have 35 done by 12. 100 done by 5 then the other 30 have done by like 730.
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    Are you a descendant of William Shakespeare?
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    That route? Try every route
  19. Life is foul,and foul is fair
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    While many may disagree with OP, I think he is asking a valid question and being honest.

    There are routes like this in my building where a driver who IS NOT a runner can get the route done faster than the bid driver.

    Here is the thing, the PDS (dispatcher that makes routes) can alter numbers to a certain degree which can change the over/under allowed for each driver . Because everyone works at a different speed and may run the route differently the over/under may not be adjusted based on who’s doing the route other than the bid driver.

    Here’s the point if what you are saying is true and you don’t want to gain more work when you cover the route. Talk to the bid driver find out what and how he does the route and try to mimic it. Other than that just follow the methods.

    I am not a bonus guy but do a route frequently where the driver is hard core by the methods meaning he will not walk through grass, knocks, rings, etc,etc. Because he files so many grievances and keeps a notebook to cover his butt daily, even when he doesn’t do his route (because he wants to go home and puts me on it) they don’t fiddle with the numbers/dispatch and his 6:30 day is my 5:30 day.