Being too under allowed.

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    Considering that per osha/dot, the time we take to drive to and from a lunch location is on the clock, something as simple as breaking up your meal into 3 different spans can easially add 20-30 minutes to the day..... also, not pussing in bottles like a savage and going to the bathroom can also add a other 20-30 minutes. That’s an hour right there. Og drivers use these tricks to keep their stop count down.
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  2. 542thruNthru

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    We're not allowed to break up our local lunch break here. Must be a uninterrupted 30min lunch.
  3. Faceplanted

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    We get 1 hour to use how we want, maximum of 3 meal entry points. Must use the full hour. Pretty sure state law has 30 min uninterrupted but I never heard anybody get told anything about it. I usually do 40 min, then 10 and 10
  4. 542thruNthru

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    How many paid breaks you guys get?
  5. Faceplanted

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  6. 542thruNthru

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    Ouch that sucks.

    We get to 15min and a 10min if we go over 10 hours.
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    LOL what other job do you talk about where getting off around 7:30 or 8pm is an easy or light regular day smh.
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    Did you have a big pick up that day? If you did you can easily scratch without even trying.
    They can do a lot of other things to help the driver scratch on a route.
  9. Nope the only thing i can say is i didn't follow Orion do to having pretty good area knowledge of the route.
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    Put in your letter.
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    25min paid break with a 5 min unpaid meal here:raspberry-tounge: 1 hour meals are for suckers
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    What is this “ since (sense?) of urgency” you talk about?

    Not sure I understand.
  13. Working at a pace
    Working at the UPS method pace with a sense of urgency. Which on that route was 12 stops an hr for me.
  14. A slow boring rural route